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9 PM. Fine evening.

Stephen Taylor (17) who lived on the edge of the NATO installation at Brawdy in the small hamlet of Pen-Y-Cwm, was returning home after escorting his girlfriend to her house when at about 9 pm he saw a light in the sky.

But he didn't think much about it and dropped in to see some friends and mentioned the strange object. They thought he was joking, and he continued his walk home alongside the perimeter fence of the American installation.

He said: "A dog came tearing out of the darkness towards me." He noticed that the lights of a farmhouse that he was accustomed to seeing were no longer visible on the right hand side of him.

"Then I made out a black shape. It looked about 40 ft to 50 ft across. I noticed a dim glow around what seemed to be the underside."

For one moment he thought the farmer had built a new silo and it was this that was blocking the view of the farmhouse lights, but as he went closer he realised that the farm was obscured by a huge dome-shaped object which had landed in the field and was occupying more than half of it. Within sight of the object was a Ministry of Defence sign stating that no unauthorised person was allowed beyond that point and that the facility came within the meaning of the Official Secrets Act.

It was outside this secret installation and in direct proximity to the supposedly innocent oceanographic research station that the UFO had landed.

Stephen leant on the gate, observing the UFO, and lit a cigarette. Maybe it was the light from his match that gave away his position for suddenly he heard a noise like someone stepping on dry leaves and he looked away to his right. Standing near to him was a figure.

"He was like a skinny human and about 6 ft tall."

Stephen was terrified by the appearance of the figure wearing a one-piece protective silver suit and even more so by his facial characteristics, for this being was not wearing a visor. Stephen noticed high cheekbones, "like an old man's, and large eyes like a fish's - round and sort of glazed."

The figure had a box-like device over where its mouth would be and a thick dark tube leading from this over its shoulder, exactly the same as the visitor to Ripperston Farm on 24 April.

Stephen took a swing at it, and fled. He didn't know where he had hit it, he never looked back, but kept on running until he got home.

Stephen remembered that the 'spacesuit' was "transparent but not transparent", and silver coloured. There was something like a zip fastener which ran from the neck to the waist of the suit and the figure seemed to be wearing some form of breathing apparatus, as in the figure seen by Mark Marston on 15 April.

When Stephen had got home, his pet Pomeranian dog, normally an affectionate animal was very upset by some unidentified cause and he recalled, "its hair was standing on end." However the dog was back to normal on the following day.

Source: 'The Welsh Triangle' Peter Paget 1979 pages 100-102.

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