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11 March 1977 - FERRYSIDE


Sighting,UFO,Cigar shape


Just after 1 am. Artist, John Petts was at home in Llanstephan, which overlooks the Towy estuary to the east. He had been working late and was preparing for bed. He turned off the living room lights and opened the curtains.

'I then looked southeast across the estuary. Above and beyond the horizon of the hills above Ferryside on the far side of the river, my eye was caught by a horizontal strip of light. It was luminous, pale gold, like the colour of the moon. I was amazed to see that the outline shape was clear and sharp, far from woolly edged as it would be from a cloud.

What I saw clearly was a clean cut shape of even light, pale gold, the shape of a weaver's shuttle, sharply pointed at each end, the top and bottom edges straight and parallel. By now I was intent and alert, staring hard and wondering, "what will this do?"

It seemed poised and immobile. I thought, "will it rise higher or will it move to the right or to the left?" It did not move at all, but suddenly, it was switched off - suddenly, like a light.'

He promptly wrote down his impressions and recorded what he saw in a drawing.

The following day, his neighbour, Mrs Teasey told him that she had been unable to sleep and had gone to the window of her bedroom. 'By now it was 1.10 am and she saw this same light shape in the sky' he said.

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