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12.30 AM. Clear sky.

Mrs S. James was at home in Glanamman which lies to the south-west of the Black Mountain, at the western end of the Brecon Beacons National Park:

"I was in bed last night looking at the lovely view of the sky through my French doors. It was a very clear night. In the distance I could see an object which I immediately thought was a star twinkling. As I was looking at it, it started flashing randomly. I could see red, blue, yellow, orange and green lights, flashing randomly and very quickly, as if the object was spinning. I thought it was probably a satellite as it was such a clear night. Its started moving at what seemed a constant speed, but then changed direction, and looked as if it was 'darting' (like a dragonfly). I thought this very strange, and I thought it must be helicopter on a search.

It seemed to hover in certain areas, but was so high up in the sky, I really don't think it could possibly be a helicopter. The lights seemed to slow down sometimes, and only the orange or white light would be displayed, then all the lights would flash again. The way the lights were flashing, it looked like the object was spherical shaped. At one point, it seemed to plummet through the air, dropping very rapidly, and then come to a sudden stop. I watched the object for about 40mins before going to sleep. I phoned my husband this morning to tell him (as he works shifts) and he phoned me back later to say that a colleague and his wife had also seen unexplainable activity in the sky last night!"

Source: reported by witness 11 February 2010.

Location on map is approximate.

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