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Approximately midnight on the night of 10-11 August 2017. Clear night with a little cloud.

The witness, a woman, was in the back bedroom at home in Lon Enfys, Trallwn, looking out of the window. She suddenly saw a very bright green object travelling really fast at cloud height.

It was triangular in shape and travelling on a straight horizontal course from Morriston to Clydach direction to her west on the other side of the Swansea Valley about two miles distant (her left to right). It split into two then it was gone in a second. It did not leave a trail and there was no sound.

'Couldn't believe my eyes if I'm honest. It was super fast and my eyes couldn't even see what direction they shot off, but the direction it was heading over was above morriston /ynysforgan roundabout way. It was level, with no trail behind it.

Source: SUFON Files: witness report via Facebook.

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