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Mrs Rosemary Lewis and her husband, who live at Simpson Cross on the St. David's road, had a local power blackout at 8.45 PM. The evening was still fairly light about 10 o'clock when Mr Lewis wandered into the kitchen to get a snack.

The view from the window, at a range of about two miles, is of a ridge of low hills known as Cuffern Mountain.

Mr Lewis was studying these hills to see if the electricity supply had been restored to nearby farms and then he saw something which amazed him. he said: 'I was eating a biscuit when this terrific red glow came out of nowhere. It had a larger base, as it were - pear shaped - then it moved up towards the horizon for perhaps twenty yards.

Finally it moved in its entirety towards the horizon and disappeared. It moved quickly over this twenty yards - it looked like a fire moving - then went to the horizon and disappeared. It was something that I've never seen in the whole of my life. I just don't know what it was.'

Alerted by her husband, Rosemary Lewis also went to see the phenomenon. At first she thought it was a big gorse fire on the mountain.

UFO Investigator, Randall Jones Pugh interviewed Mrs Lewis:

'Can I ask what colour it was?' Pugh asked her.

'It just looked like a fire - orangey-red.'

'Was it extensive?'

'It was confined but it was large. And it started to move which I thought was odd because if it had been a fire it would have spread.'

"You say "started to move". How did it move?'

'It moved slightly to the side at first, then went up to the horizon. And it started to change shape. It was pear-shaped at first, then it moved to the side and became elongated.

Then it moved to the top of the mountain and started fading quite a lot. It then became an elongated haze on top of the mountain. And just before it disappeared I noticed red lights on either side of it. It wasn't a vehicle - it was much too big to be a vehicle.'

'It wasn't the headlights of a car?'

'No, it was a ball of fire.'

'You've drawn something vaguely like a cigar shape.'

'Yes, but when it took that shape it was very hazy and it was then that I saw the red lights. Then it disappeared. It either went down the other side of the mountain or it just disappeared. I think it just disappeared.

I find it odd because it went so hazy once it reached the top of the mountain.'

Source: The Dyfed Enigma Randall Jones Pugh & F. W. Holiday 1979 pages 83-84.

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