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"I was fishing with my father and his friend at a local beach known as Monk Cwm Nash on the South Wales coast. We were fishing at night with the rods pointing skywards and obviously we were looking upwards at the rod tips checking for fish takes. It was a beautiful calm and warm summers night.

Sometime during the night my father called out to me to come over to him about 50 feet away. He was pointing upwards towards the north where he told me to look at the flashing lights. As there is an airport near my first thought that it was a plane but I soon realised that wasn't the case. It was a clear starlit night and the three of us could clearly see 3 red flashing lights.

They were flashing in a triangular fashion in that as one faded out the next would light up and so on completing a triangle motion. We couldn't see an outline or anything, just the lights.

They didn't progress across the sky and appeared to be stationary. It was impossible to estimate an altitude as obviously there is no reference point to base it on. It was also impossible to guess its size except to say that if it was one craft we were looking at it must have been huge. We watched them for a couple of minutes when they extinguished completely and we didn't see them again although at that time we fished that beach almost weekly."

Source: Posted by witness 28 September 2015.

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