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Sighting,UFO,Lights,Triangle,Saucer,Cigar shape


About 6.30 PM. Dark, cold and raining. June Davies (81) and her husband Balf, had been for a meal at Dick Barton's chip shop in West Cross, Swansea. They left at about 6.30 pm and went to wait for a bus back to their daughter's house in Mumbles, where they were staying. They were sitting at the bus stop on Mumbles Road near the West Cross Inn, on the seafront, facing inland.

They saw an object in the sky in front of them (11 o'clock) at an elevation of 45 degrees, in line with the nursing home but further away. It had white lights all around it and was like an elongated oval in shape. There were about 6-8 large bright white lights around its circumference. They could only see the lights on their side of the object and June presumed that there were other lights all the way around, even though they could not be seen. The object was just hovering without a sound. June said she had never seen anything like it before. It was large, and she said it would have taken two hands-lengths at arm's length to cover the object.

It was moving at a very slow speed sideways from left to right. It then moved or darted a short distance and hovered again. A cloud came and covered it for about three minutes, but when it passed the object was still there. It was quite high up, but mainly below cloud level.

There was no sound audible. She could not see the body itself, only the lights which outlined the shape. There were no flashing lights. She felt that it was watching her and had an eerie feeling. She felt drawn to it, and knew that it was odd. She also felt exposed and scared by it, and was quite shaken by the experience. She desperately wanted someone else to see it, but there was nobody about. They waited for 45 minutes for a bus and because of the cold decided to phone for a taxi, by which time it had moved to a position of about 2 o'clock and was now over Dick Barton's chip shop (line of sight) but further away. It seemed to be moving away from them, going inland, when the taxi arrived ten minutes later.

She did not point it out to the taxi driver however, despite wanting others to see it, and regretted this in retrospect. It was still visible, hovering when she left the area, but it had moved further inland over West Cross. When they arrived at her daughter's house in Mumbles, she excitedly told her all about it, Duration of sighting: about 55 minutes.

Source: SUFON Files: June Davies interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 13 March 201

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