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Sighting,Lights,Cigar shape

10.30 pm Clear sky. (Photo is illustration of location only)

Paul Cana was walking his dog near his home in the West Cross area of Swansea and was standing looking up at the clear sky when he noticed an orange lighted object in the sky over the approximate area of Fforestfach in the north. At first he thought it was a Chinese lantern but noticed that it was moving at quite a fast rate in a straight trajectory to the south.

It continued getting closer for about a minute and passed overhead at a high altitude. When it reached the area over Mumbles Head he could see that it was a large cylindrical, cigar-shaped object which was lit overall in an orange-coloured light. It suddenly turned and shot straight up at tremendous speed and he watched as it flew "into space" and disappeared.

Paul said it displayed no flashing navigation lights, and made no sound. It was big. It was difficult to gauge its size but he thought it would be about the size of the space shuttle. Duration of sighting: no more than two minutes.

Source: Witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 27 May 2019.

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