1970s UFO Sightings

The date is approximate. A young teenager was walking home from a girl guide meeting during a dark winter evening. She lived in Grenfell Park Road in the St. Thomas area of Swansea, and used the rear garden entrance to her house, off Wallace Road, a cul-de-sac. The location is on the lower southern slope of Kilvey Hill, at the edge of the 1920s-built council housing. As she approached the end of the cul-de-sac, she noticed a figure peering around one of the brick pillars which supported the gates of St. Margarets Nursery, which she would walk through to access her back garden. The figure was peering around the right-hand pillar, on the left of it.
All she could make out was its head, its right shoulder and the upper portion of its right arm. Its head was bulbous and shaped like an inverted egg, pointy chin, and huge, vertically-aligned, almond-shaped eyes which were white with a black dot in the centre. It had no hair, no ears, and she was not aware of a mouth or nose.
Its body, by what she could see of it was puny, like a child, with a narrow, spindly arm. Its hand was not visible as it was behind the pillar. There was no neck visible as it seemed to be hunching. It did not seem to have any clothing and its skin was grey and had a metallic look to it, which seemed to shimmer slightly. It did not move or make a sound but just stared straight at the terrified girl. She said it felt like an eternity, but was really only just seconds.
The girl was so alarmed by what she saw that she ran back down Wallace Road and across the road to some near neighbours that she knew, and after they had calmed down the hysterical girl, they went with her back up to the gateway, but no trace of the visitor was evident.
She had had a strict Catholic upbringing and had no knowledge of science fiction or even awareness of aliens or UFOs at this time. At the time of the encounter she thought that what she was seeing was a devil of some kind, a result of her religious grounding. It was only years later, after being exposed to the UFO culture on TV and in the media that she noticed the striking similarity of the being that she saw, with the grey aliens so commonly reported, with one exception – the unusual configuration of its eyes, and colour of the eyes which were not black, but white with black iris or pupil.
Approximately two weeks after her experience, a Catholic priest at her school asked the class i anyone had experienced something strange in their life. The girl wrote down an account of her experience in a school book, which she still has somewhere. Once she finds the book, a clearer date of when the encounter occurred can be established.  She has not told anyone except close family and friends, in all the years since, but came forward after she heard about Swansea UFO Network. She wishes to remain anonymous, hence the reason that we have not used her name in this report.

Artist's impression of the St. Thomas sighting - Emlyn Williams



Evening. Tina H. - aged 6 at the time of her sighting:

"It was dark at the time,and i was at the end of my road with a friend.As I looked down the other end of the road, I noticed this huge thing gliding over the houses. I turned to my friend and shouted, 'look at that'. She turned and caught the tail end as it went out of sight. What I cant understand is ,it was so big and so low, I cant recall it ever being on the news or the newspapers. More people must have seen it. It glided slowly above the rooftops, then went out of sight."

Duration of sighting: 20 seconds?

Source: http://www.ufowatch.com/display.asp?id=2714



Early hours. Price Jacobs (46) a shift mechanic at Tymawr Colliery had a 'chilling sensation' and saw a cloaked 'ghost' peering into a coal bunker at the colliery in Hopkinstown, Pontypridd. He said it then disappeared into the darkness in the direction of St. David's churchyard nearby. Could this be a ghost in the spiritual sense or is it the dark hooded entity sometimes associated with the abduction phenomena - one of the 'shadow people'?

Source: Western Mail 14 February 1970



Miss Leanne Williams was one of twenty people, who watched a mystery object in the sky above Clydach, Swansea, on the 5th of June 1970.

“I went out into the garden to see it, and about twenty people came out to have a look. It was in view for about twenty minutes and then grew bigger and bigger, until it sank into the mountain. It was like a round, white, ball – the size of a dinner plate. It gave us all the creeps there was something unearthly about it.”
The sighting was important enough to bring to the attention of the Wales Today TV programme, who told of other reports from Cwmbran and Aberystwyth.

Source: Haunted Skies Vol. 9 page 156 citing South Wales Evening Post  5 June 1970.


2 PM.

A glowing white ball was seen bouncing along top of an embankment, against the wind.

Source: www.deltapro.co.uk citing BUFORA Journal Vol. 3 no. 6.


Witness thinks it could have been 1973.

Cath Phillips, aged about 16/17 had finished work at the DVLC (now DVLA), and had been home for a short time where she lived with her invalid mother at 10 Frederick Place, Llansamlet. The house is located on the south side of the road at its western end, not far from the junction with Bethel Road, It was after 5 pm she knows this because she finished work at 4 pm.

It was a summer's day with a clear blue sky and she was inside the house when she noticed it suddenly getting very dark. She went out the front of the house into the garden to find out why and saw her auntie Hilary and cousin Rebecca Griffiths (Hilary's daughter) - both now deceased, standing there looking up at a round object which had been the cause of the sudden dimming of light.

It was dark grey in colour and huge, covering the road and extending to the north well over the main railway line near Peniel Green and so would have had a diameter of hundreds of metres. Cath described it as like the sherbet flying saucer sweets, a thick disc with a rim around the centre. The craft was completley motionless and hovering over them, not very high. There were no flashing lights or sound.

People driving past were stopping to look. It stayed in the same place for about two minutes when it suddenly vanished and it became light again. She tried to talk about it with her auntie and cousin but they did not want to discuss it. She remembers her auntie telling her, 'It didn't happen'.

Cath went to the nearby Primrose Park a few days later and talked with friends about the sighting. She learned that people had seen it from the park, including those playing bowls at the time.

She cannot remember it being reported in the local paper.

Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 3 April 2017.



Late evening near midnight in the Ogmore Vallley. Off duty police officer PC David Harris was out with his father-in-law walking his dog when they observed a tubular object some feet in length moving slowly across Llangeinor Mountain before disappearing over treetops. The altitude of the UFO was described as 100 feet from the ground. There were lights at each end of the object but no wings were observed. Weather conditions at the time were clear and no noise was heard at any

Source: www.prufospolicedatabase.co.uk citing Flying Saucer Review Vol. 18 No. 4


(15 September in the first reference)

Late evening a disc was sighted above the lower shoulder of a hill, Cefn Manmoel parallel to the Oakdale-Crumlin Road. It was watched by several witness, one of whom was Robert Philips who viewed the object  through a telescope. He said it looked like an 'inverted soup bowl with dark rings underneath it which appeared to be spinning.' He called the police and several uniformed officers attended the scene, who confirmed the sighting. Sgt. Clive Williams described the object as an orange circle in the sky that changed its shape to a cone, and moved away rapidly when an aircraft flew overhead. The duration of the sighting was 60 minutes.

Source: The Dragon and the Disc F. W. Holiday 1973 page 216; www.prufospolicedatabase.co.uk citing Flying Saucer Review Vol. 18 No. 6.


11.30 AM.

 A saucer-shaped object was seen near the A48 between Port Talbot and Swansea. It hovered a short distance away from the witness. It was described as being dark with a rim of red lights. Shadowy 'figures' were also reported.

Source: www.deltapro.co.uk


Thirteen-year-old Brian Jones of Llanelli saw a low-flying cigar-shaped object, yellow in colour at both ends and emitting some kind of fluorescent glow, with a bright red light in the middle. The object had hovered at a distance of no more than 250 metres from the witness, directly over the supermarket in Llanelli.

Source: The Welsh Triangle Peter Paget 1979.



A party of villagers from Hook, near Haverfordwest, made a thorough search at the weekend of an area beside the Western Cleddau River where several people saw a red object fall from the sky a fortnight ago.

But there was no trace of any UFO which may have fallen in the area. The red ball was seen on Boxing Day by Mr Cyril Hughes, a garage proprietor, who immediately stopped to investigate.

Since then, several other people said they saw the glowing object in the sky and a member of the international organisation interested in unidentified flying objects, Mr Randall Jones Pugh of Roch, near Haverfordwest has investigated the phenomenon and will prepare a report for the organisation.
The search party  covered a large area of woods, mud flats and fields at the weekend, but the glowing object remains a mystery.
Source: South Wales Evening Post Monday 6 January 1975.



Nick Thomas was with his sister travelling by car one evening along the coastal road on St. Bride's Bay. They observed for about 20 minutes a massive flourescent ball offshore from Abereiddy. The sphere changed form into a perfect rectangle and shot off at incredible speed to the horizon.
They reported the sighting to Randall Jones-Pugh
Source: http://www.uk-ufo.co.uk/penally-point-pembrokeshire-28th-july-2010/comment-page-1/#comment-197140 comment dated 27 March 2011.



Three men travelling home from work. As they drove from Manmoel they saw a bright, flashing light above Rhiw Hill. The glow then flew eastwards at an incredible speed.

Source: Folklore of Blaenau Gwent leaflet.



An object hit the sea off St. Ishmaels, at St. Donats Holiday Park, 200 yards from a beach packed with holidaymakers. The beach is on the opposite side of the Gwendraeth Estuary to the Pembrey rocket range.

Eyewitness, Gwyn Maddox, site manager at the holiday park, said he saw the object hit the water near a bank of the Gwnedraeth Estuary.

"There wasn't much of an explosion, just a sharp report when the missile hit the water. I was on the phone to the RAF to complain about this as soon as the missile hit the water, because another 100 yards or so and it would have been close to where people use the beach. In this case the plane was quite off target."
Planes from RAF Brawdy use the land target area as a firing range. An RAF officer visited the site and took measurements, and an investigation was undertaken, but the RAF were mystified as all their ordnance had been accounted for and nothing was missing from any of their aircraft. They were not sure what the object was. Other air bases used the range.

Carmarthen MP Gwynfor Evans demanded a full investigation. After a full investigation the RAF repeated their confirmation that all their missiles had been accounted for.Source: Western Mail 10 and 11 June 1976.



"Cuboid app. 15ft - non reflective matt color, with red, blue, yellow lights with polymorphic abilitiesCuboid with half hemispheres (like domes) one on each side, we only saw three facets, left, lower, and right due to being almost underneath it. It resonated when it moved, about 5 mph. It followed the electricity wires, and hung by a similar matt black attachment from a void above it, like a rip in the sky but with soft edges.


Duration of sighting: 20 seconds.

 www.ufo-hunters.com citing NUFORC report - reported by witness 8 August 1999.


At 5:20 PM, a sixteen-year-old youth, Brian Jones of Llanerch, Llanelli (see Nov 1973), had observed a very bright white light moving slowly above his district.

“It varied i brightness as it moved. I realized that what I was looking at was definitely not an aeroplane, a helicopter, or any other aircraft, because it travelled low and made no noise.

I began to get so excited about the object that I ran to my house, and as I came to our side entrance I looked up behind my shoulder and there, closer to where I was standing, I saw that the light had brightened to a yellowish, round fireball with, underneath, a bright emission of sparks. As I was excited and a little frightened about it, I ran in at our backdoor and told my mother about the light, for her to see it. But when she came outside, it had completely disappeared.”

Source: The Welsh Triangle Peter Paget 1979




Tony Heare of Pontypool:

"I saw a blue/white light at the front of an object with a red/orange light flashing directly above and three or four blue/white lights behind the first. It gave the impression of being vaguely similar to the size of a single decker bus. No noise was audible at all. A car moved off nearby, but soon all was quiet again. The object was seen from the car park of Llandegweth Reservoir, facing towards Newport. The object travelled on a seemingly straight line. It reached a mountain to our right, seeming to hover, then turned on its axis and travelled back towards our left.

Source: UFO-UK Peter Paget 1980.



A domed silver grey disc with various lights was seen over Llandow Airfield in the Vale of Glamorgan. It hovered, moved away and rose into the sky at "fantastic" speed.

Source: www.deltapro.co.uk citing BUFORA Journal Vol. 6 no. 5.


11.45 PM

Benton Castle lies on the upper reaches of the Milford Haven inlet. Captain Timothy J. Sulivan had returned home from a supper party at Lawrenny. He lived in a cottage which he shared with his brother, near the castle.  His brother was out. He got out of his car and wandered round the back of the cottage to see if anyone was awake in the castle (where his parents live). Before he was in sight of the castle door he heard a shout which he thought was his mother shouting 'Marcus, where are you?'. However, when the door was in sight it was evidently closed and there was a light in his parents' bedroom.

"I may have shouted back but consider it unlikely. I assumed that my mother had thought that my brother had not immediately gone but that she had not waited for an answer. I then began to stare around the sky looking for the Plough - about the one constellation I can immediately recognise - when my eye was caught by a movement. An object (about a half to three-quarters of an inch in diameter at two feet - arm's length) travelling very fast ( a sighting of about half a second over twenty to thirty degrees of arc) which definitely had no tail (such as is seen by objects burning out on entering the atmosphere) passed through the sky. This object, which was circular in shape, appeared to look like a two-dimensional view of a spheroidal open lattice-work - the latticing appearing as tracings of light having the intensity of some of the weaker stars. At the time two things appeared odd. Firstly, the object must have been more than fifty feet away - it went behind a building - and therefore was travelling fast (some 160 feet per second if fifty feet away, and a truly incredible speed if entering the atmosphere). Secondly, thee was no characteristic trail as seen when meteorites or satellites burn up. The next morning I discovered that my mother had not gone out or shouted after saying goodbye to my brother."

Source: The Dyfed Enigma Randall Jones-Pugh and F. W. Holiday 1979 pages 54 -56.



7.57 AM.

Phil Vaughan and Llew Davies and one other witness, all adults watched a cigar-shaped object, low on the horizon in a southeast direction. As they watched, it moved across the skyline. Twice it stopped for a while, then went out of sight.

Source: The Welsh Triangle Peter Paget 1979 page 23.


9.15 – 9.30 PM. Billy Price and several other boys in Penarth saw a white light moving at very high speed in different directions about 10 ft above the ground. They said it was cigar-shaped and some said it had a reddish tint to it.

Source: The Welsh Triangle Peter Paget 1979.



Mrs Jessie Morris of Swansea:

“On 3 February 1977, I had a phone call from a relative at 10.15 am telling me about a strange bright object below the clouds, a couple of hundred feet up. The glow was blinding, and vanished after seven minutes. His wife also saw it, but a strange thing happened while the UFO was visible – his legs and feet became numb, and afterwards he could not walk for three hours.

It was above Ystradgynlais, Powys, just over the Dyfed border, and there are reservoirs not far away, also a high tension electrical installation.”

Source: UFO-UK Peter Paget 1980.


A group of twenty children at Hubberston School, Milford Haven sighted a cigar-shaped UFO hovering overhead during their lunch break. Significantly this was on the same day as the children at Broad Haven saw a UFO land in the field near to their primary school.

Source: The Welsh Triangle Peter Paget 1979.



A group of 10 to 11-year-old school boys were in their playground at Broad Haven Primary School. At different times through the day, by different individuals an object was seen to the south of the school field, up the small valley in which the school was situated. It was just over 200 yards away in a scrubby marshy area adjacent to a sewage treatment works. Seen on the other side of a few trees, it was described as a domed silver cigar (some say disc) about the size of a bus, and close to the ground.

The names of the boys were: David Davies, Andrew Evans, Martin Evans, Shaun Garrison, David George, Michael George, Tudor Jones, Andrew Lewis, Lesley Neohorn, Jeremy Passmore, Philip Rees, Michael Webb, David Ward and Paul Williams. 

Michael Webb said to investigator, Peter Paget: "we couldn't believe it at first. One of the boys ran down the hill to tell Sir, but he didn't believe it. I watched it for between three and five minutes. It had a flashing red light and I'm sure it was a spaceship. It definitely wasn't a helicopter."

Paul Williams said, "We saw something come out of it. It had a helmet. We ran and told Sir and when we went back it wasn't there." David Ward and Shaun Garrison said the people had "sort of cameras", in a written account that they made afterwards.

Shaun Garrison described the object as silver, flattish and had ten or eleven windows and a door with a runway leading from it.

Philip Rees said: "Shaun and David came running in and said that there was something there. So me and some other boys went up to the top of the playing field. We saw something silver and disc-shaped. There seemed to be a door opening from the object. David Davies and Tudor Jones saw a figure, they said it was silver. The object had a dome on the top of it, with a light. It was a very dull day, but I did see something."

Michael Webb said: "Everyone is sure that they saw something. It seemed cigar-shaped with a large dome on the top. I was frightened when I saw it."

Mr Llewhellin, the headmaster later interviewed all the boys and got them to independently draw what they had seen. The resulting pictures, although showing differences in details, show consistencies such as the dome, door and red light.

David Davies actually saw the object at the end of the school day, just before he left for home by taxi. He saw it moved up and knocked a cross T-piece of a pole carrying a power line. When he got home he was shaken by the experience and his mother still remembers the effect that it had had on him.

It is very unlikely that what they had seen was a helicopter, as some sceptics have suggested. There was no sound, and no helicopter pilot in his right mind would land his craft in the location where the object had been. There were trees and a power line running across the site.

Sources: The Welsh Triangle Peter Paget 1979; talk by David Davies at SUFON Welsh Triangle 40th Anniversary Conference at Broad Haven 4 February 2017.



Mrs Mary Louise Bassett was driving home from Carmarthen where she and her husband run a restaurant. They live in the old manor house of Portiscliff which is located in Ferryside. It was about 1 am on Sunday, 6 February 1977. The road was deserted and the route familiar. The night was very dark.

As Mrs Bassett approached the village of Idole, she suddenly saw on the right-hand side of the road a blue flashing light and a rounded mass. Her first thought was that there had been a bad accident and that the light was on an ambulance or police car. She slowed down at once. During her homeward drive she had had the radio switched on and tuned to Radio Luxembourg. Static had steadily increased as she came along the road until, by the time she slowed near Idole, it was hardly possible to hear the programme.

As she slowed down, she looked down the lanes of neighbouring farms but couldn’t see any evidence of an accident, so carried on even slower, when the radio came back on. She carried on towards Llandyfaelog, and before reaching some pylons, on top of a hill, on the left this time, she saw the flashing blue light again, and this mass again. But this time she thought, “There can’t really be an accident – I wonder what it is.”
She explained that the ‘mass’, which was black appeared to be a nebulous, rounded shape with a flashing light protruding out of the top. She laughingly said to herself, ‘Gosh, I think I’ve seen a UFO...’ because she couldn’t explain it in any other way.


Again there was tremendous radio interference on her radio. She stopped where she thought she saw this second light, “because there is a little farm there and I wondered it might be an ambulance after all. I got out of the car and had a very good look around but couldn’t see anything.”
She felt alarm for the first time and jumped back into the car, she drove quickly down  a side road for three miles to Ferryside, and home at the old manor of Portiscliff. The house stands in its own grounds, surrounded by woods and shrubbery.

When she arrived home, her three springer spaniels did not greet her as they usually did by making a fuss, but instead ran past her and outside, which was most uncharacteristic. Mrs Bassett made herself a hot drink and then went out to look for them. She called for them and the two bitches ran back in with their hackles up and shaking. The dog, Jasper, had disappeared.

She went out to call for him and used a dog whistle.  She looked around but there was no sign of him. She went part of the way down the long and winding drive, but didn’t go any further due to feeling nervous in the dark. She went back in and phoned her husband at their restaurant in Carmarthen to ask him to keep an eye out for the dog on his way home. She went back out to call for the dog again, and he rushed in, again like the bitches, with hackles raised and shaking. He had been frightened by something.

The next morning the dog was acting in a most peculiar way, he would not go out but just stayed under the kitchen table. This condition continued for two or three weeks when his confidence slowly returned. The bitches, too came round to normality after being off their food for a while. The behaviour of the three animals, the dog in particular was totally out of character for them.

This case was investigated at the time by Randall Jones Pugh and F.W. Holiday, and they speculated if Mrs Bassett had been abducted on her way home, something which she could not recall, and whether she had been followed home, and the three spaniels had experienced something, to them very frightening.

Source: The Dyfed Enigma Pugh and Holiday 1979 pages 73-80.


8:45 AM. A saucer-shaped object with silver, yellow and green lights was reported. It was revolving and making a buzzing sound. Birds were disturbed by the object.

Source: www.deltapro.co.uk citing Randall Jones-Pugh, BUFORA.



13-year-old Graham Howells, of Pembroke Dock sighted a bright silver metallic object hovering over the Pembroke School as he arrived early in the morning.

“It had a dome in the middle which was dark grey most of the time but flashed to a dazzling white about every five seconds. It resembled a plate with a burnt fried egg on it. Around the rim of the ‘plate’ it had greeny-yellowish lights and what seemed to be retrorockets. The plate seemed to be revolving as well. Looking at the whole thing from the side it would probably appear cigar-shaped. Even though it was foggy, I’m sure it wasn’t a helicopter or weather balloon because it stayed completely still all of the time I was looking at it. It couldn’t have been smoke from the power station because it flashed and I had quite a good view of the thing.”

Source: The WelshTriangle Peter Paget 1979.



12-year-olds Mark Jones and Llewellyn Edwards, friends from Haverfordwest saw an object hovering near Haverfordwest Grammar School. They saw the object from a distance of about 40 yards. They said it was a 15-foot-long, orange cigar-shaped object, carrying a blue flashing light. They threw a stone at it and it took off at high speed and vanished. They were rather unnerved by the experience and ran all the way to the police station, where they reported the incident. Mark said: “The police drove us back to the field, but they couldn’t find any sign of it.” 

Source: The Welsh Triangle Peter Paget 1979.



Just after 1 AM. Artist, John Petts was at home in Llanstephan, which overlooks the Towy estuary to the east. He had been working late and was preparing for bed. He turned off the lights in the living room and drew back the curtains.

“I then looked south-east across the estuary. Above and beyond the horizon of the hills above Ferryside on the far side of the river, my eye was caught by a horizontal strip of light. It was luminous, pale gold, like the colour of the moon. I was amazed to see that the outline shape was clear and sharp, far from woolly-edged as it would be from a cloud. What I saw clearly was a clean-cut shape of even light, pale gold, the shape of a weaver’s shuttle, sharply pointed at each end, the top and bottom edges straight and parallel. By now I was intent and alert, staring hard and wondering, ‘what will this do?’ It seemed poised and immobile. I thought, ‘will it rise higher or will it move to the right or the left?’ It did not move at all, but suddenly, it was switched off – suddenly, like a light.”

He promptly wrote down his impressions and recorded what he saw in a drawing.

The following day, his neighbour, Mrs Teasey told him that she had been unable to sleep and had gone to the window of her bedroom. “By now it was 1.10 am and she saw this same light shape in the sky,” he said.

Source: Western Mail 14 March 1977; South Wales Evening Post 14 March 1977.


13 MARCH 1977 - BRAWDY

9 PM. Fine evening.

Stephen Taylor (17) who lives on the edge of the NATO installation at Brawdy in the small hamlet of Pen-Y-Cwm, was returning home after escorting his girlfriend to her house when at about 9 p.m. he saw a light in the sky.

But he didn't think much about it and dropped in to see some friends and mentioned the strange object. They thought he was joking, and he continued his walk home alongside the perimeter fence of the American installation.

He said: "A dog came tearing out of the darkness towards me". He noticed that the lights of a farmhouse that he accustomed to seeing were no longer visible on the righthand side of him.

"Then I made out a black shape. It looked about 40 ft to 50 ft across. I noticed a dim glow around what seemed to be the underside."

For one moment he thought the farmer had built a new silo and it was this that was blocking the view of the farmhouse lights, but as he went closer he realized that the farm was obscured by a huge dome-shaped object which had landed in the field and was occupying more than half of it. Within sight of the object was a Ministry of Defence sign stating that no unauthorised person was allowed beyond that point and that the facility came within the meaning of the Official Secrets Act. It was outside this secretinstallation and in direct proximity to the supposedly innocent oceanographic research station that the UFO had landed.

Stephen leant on the gate, observing the UFO, and lit a cigarette. Maybe it was the light from his match that gave away his position for suddenly he heard a noise like someone stepping on dry leaves and he looked away to his right. Standing near to him was a figure.

"He was like a skinny human and about 6 ft tall."

Stephen was terrified by the appearance of the figure wearing a one-piece protective silver suit and even more so by his facial characteristics, for this being was not wearing a visor. Stephen noticed high cheekbones, "like an old man's, and large eyes like a fish's - round and sort of glazed".

The figure had a box-like device over where its mouth would be and a thick dark tube leading from this over its shoulder, exactly the same as the visitor to Ripperston Farm on 24 April.

Stehen took a swing at it, and fled. He didn't know where he had hit it, he never looked back, but kept on running until he got home.

Stephen remembered that the 'spacesuit' was 'transparent but not transparent', and silver-coloured. There was something like a zip fastener which ran from the neck to the waist of the suit and the figure seemed to be wearing some form of breathing apparatus, as in the figure seen by Mark Marston on 15 April.

When Stephen had got home, his pet Pomeranian dog, normally an affectionate animal was very upset by some undetermined cause and he recalled, "It's hair was standing on end". However the dog was back to normal on the following day.

Source: The Welsh Triangle Peter Paget 1979 pages 100 - 102.



Adjacent to Ripperston Farm, on the Dale Peninsula in Pembrokeshire, is Lower Broadmoor Farm, where Richard Hewison and his wife, Josephine live.

"It was in three tiers. It seemed to be round but when you see a thing in cross-section I suppose you can never be sure. There was a definite dome to start with and then a central portion. But there seemed to be a rounded ridge, if you know what I mean, between the layers....rather like a jelly. When I described it to the children I said it looked rather like a squashed jelly-mould which really it did. It was a smooth, aluminium-coloured, bulbous shape. It was pretty well as high as the greenhouse - fiftenn feet maybe - and about double the greenhouse in width - which would have made it thirty-five to forty feet wide.It was obscuring the whole of the greenhouse door, and the greenhouse is about eighteen feet wide and it was probably about twice that width. There was no sign of any activity or I might have been frightened. I certainly wasn't at all frightened - I was just fascinated by it really. I wanted to see something happen, then I'd have gone out and had a closer look at it given the opportunity."

Mrs Hewison then got up and went to wake her sons and returned in less than a minute. She then realised that there wa nothing there anymore. It had vanished and she was able to see the rows of trays. Later it was impossible to find imprints of where the object had been standing on the grass as tractors had been driven over the site, obscuring any that might have been there.

A pony that usually stood near a gateway in a field next to the greenhouse was nowhere to be seen. It was eventually found about 400 yards away at the far end of the field.

Source: The Dyfed Enigma Pugh & Holiday 1979.


6.55 PM.

A round silver object was seen.

Source: www.deltapro.co.uk citing Randall Jones-Pugh, BUFORA.



5:00 AM. Cyril John, aged 64, a former political leader, was up early for an early start to London when he noticed a light shining in his bedroom window. Looking out, he observed two objects. The first was a silvery grey egg-shaped with a bright orange-red light on top of it. It was about four feet across and was rocking gently in the air about 60 metres away. The second was a seven to eight foot tall humanoid figure, who floated in the air with arms out and legs bent back, like a “free-fall parachutist”. There was only about 35 feet between the man and the observer. No features could be seen on the figure’s face, and it wore a uniformly silver-grey “boiler suit”. It remained motionless in the air for more than 25 minutes. Then both the being and the ovoid object began slowly moving off, gradually disappearing from view in the distance.

Source:  www.nicap.org citing David F. Webb and Ted Bloecher, Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1977-17 [A1719] citing Randall Jones Pugh, BUFORA.



Jean Hubber, a Community Nursing Sister was at home at about 4.30 PM. Mrs Hubber’s two young daughters came in from playing to complain: “Mummy, there’s a green ball chasing us.” However, Mrs Hubber was busy with housework. “I did not take any notice of them. I told them to go back out to play.”
But ten minutes later the four-year-old came to report: “Mummy, come and see – it’s out by the back door.” Mrs Hubber: “Again I took no notice.

The girl was adamant about me going to see the ‘green ball’ but I was very busy. Half an hour later I noticed the children were playing indoors and when I asked them why they weren’t playing outside, they replied: ‘We’re not going out – that green thing keeps chasing us.’ I then realised they were telling the truth. I went outside with the children to where they had seen the ‘ball’; I could not see it but the four-year-old claimed she could see it descending into swampland in a field. I can only say that although I couldn’t see it I could sense that something was wrong.”

The ‘ball’ was described as ‘dark on one side, shiny on the other’.

The sighting extended over half an hour, and the object disappeared by ‘going to ground’.

Source: The Dyfed Enigma Pugh and Holiday 1979 pages 84-85.



10 PM.

Clear night, no clouds. Vera Davies of Abergavenny saw in the sky over the Skirrid Mountain, a round object which was bright red. It appeared to zoom in, zoom out and immediately repeated the procedure.

Source: Western Mail 19 April 1977.




Pauline Coombs was driving to her home at Ripperston Farm on the Dale Peninsula from St. Ishmaels, with her son Kieron, 12-year-old son and 8-year-old twin daughters Joanne and Layanne. About a mile from home on a straight narrow section of road bordered by wide verges, Kieron suddenly saw a light in the sky ahead of them.

Pauline: "It was getting closer and it looked as though it would come through the windscreen. The thing went over us and the boy looked out of the back window to see if it kept going."
Kieron shouted that it had done a U-turn and was coming alongside them on a parallel course. Pauline was unable to change direction on the long straight road, with neither turn-off nor opening, and accelerated up to 80 mph.

The children in the back seat started to cry as the ball of light maintained its position nearby just above the hedgerows. She turned the car quickly onto the drive leading to the farm and they bounced down the uneven track. Suddenly the headlights faded, the engine cut out, and the car rolled for about a hundred yards until it stopped moving. Pauline grabbed the children from the rear seat and they hurried down the dark track, not daring to look back.

When they got to the house she blurted out to her husband, Billy what they had seen. He disbelieved her but their eldest son, Clinton, 16, came with her to the front door just in time to see the UFO fading away, shooting over the fields towards the sea.

The car was never right electrically again and they sold it a few weeks later.

Source: The Welsh Triangle Peter Paget 1979 pages 29 - 30.


11 PM. It had been raining heavily all evening and had only just stopped. Cold and a fair amount of wind. Cloudy.

David Edward Smith, a Bachelor of Law, gave a very concise account to Randall Jones Pugh. He stated:

“My name is David Edward Smith. I’m aged fifty-eight. My home is at 5 Parc Tydd, Red Wharf Bay, Anglesey. I’m at present on holiday at Cwm Odig Lodge which is a guest-house situated at Croesgoch on the main Fishguard-St. David’s road (A487) at its juncture with the Trevine road. One the evening of 12 April 1977, at about 11 pm, I happened to go out of the guesthouse to my car. On the way back I glanced at the sky and there I saw a very, very long, golden, pencil-shaped object of light. It was at an angle in the sky between perpendicular and horizontal. If I had seen the object in daytime I might have thought it was the vapour-trail from an aircraft. But, in total darkness, surely not. It was a long, golden-coloured pencil of light and, at topmost end, there appeared to be a protruding snout. Midway, there appeared to be another area of light, similar in colour, but not so well-defined and more round in shape.

I went into the guesthouse to try and attract the attention of someone else but saw no one. I went out, and the object was still there in the same position high in the sky. I went into the guesthouse again and came back, and the object was still there. It seemed to be in the direction of the sea between the point of the headland at Abereiddy beach and the other well-defined headland in the direction of Croesgoch from the main headland at Abereiddy. I would say, at the distance I was looking at it, that although it seemed to be about six feet long, I could plainly see it was an immense object. Although I can’t judge its distance from where I was standing I would say it was between 600 and 1,000 feet away.”

In answer to questions posed by Pugh, Mr Smith stated that he viewed the object for at least half a minute on each occasion, he did not see it disappear. He repeated that it was very long, and very bright in colour, straight, not crooked or mis-shapen or bent.  A patch of light underneath gave him the impression it was either part of the main object itself or some reflection from it. It was pencil-like – cigar-shaped. The whole length f it was so well defined it was unmistakeable. It was neither a flash of light in the sky nor a glow. It was extremely well defined.

Source: The Dyfed Enigma Randall Jones Pugh & F. W. Holiday 1979 pp: 137-138.

[It is worth comparing this sighting to that which occurred over 20 years later on 5/6 July 1997 over Llanwonno Forest, Pontypridd – E.W.]



8.15 AM.

Mrs Tibbs was in her kitchen:

"I was by the kitchen sink and looking out of the kitchen window...all of a sudden I thought to myself, 'What on earth am I seeing in the sky?' And I looked and I looked and repeated over and over, 'What on earth is it?' And as it moved nearer the yard I rushed to the phone an tried to get in contact with my husband but couldn't. Then I rushed back to the kitchen window and I saw it had changed its position...it was round...like a saucer....but still I couldn't fathom it. It was silvery, glittering, oh beautiful! You couldn't help but set your eyes on it. It was bobbing up and down. When my husband came home he said, 'What did it look like?' So I said, 'Leave me think a minute.' So I sat and thought and I'll tell you. It was something like a bed-warmer without the handle. It was floating, up and down."

It was moving slowly, and when it gone further away from her she said it seemed to have gone over on its side. It then floated out of sight.

There was no sound heard. Duration of sighting: a few minutes.

Source: The Dyfed Enigma, Randall Jones-Pugh and F. W. Holiday 1979 pages 57 - 58.



Debbie Swan, aged 13, was one of five children who saw a football-sized object hovering near a hedgerow. She remembered that it had been moving about in a very agitated fashion and the children had all run away from it. The ball was silver in colour and had been observed in daylight.

Source: The Welsh Triangle Peter Paget 1979 pages 34-35.


The show continued until, at 1.50 AM, Billie Coombes himself glanced at the window and jumped up, exclaiming: "What the hell's that? There's somebody out there in a silver suit!" His wife said: "So you've seen it too."
Billie Coombes rushed to the window and saw a man - but a terrible size. It was pressed right up against the window. It was about seven feet tall, nearly the full ehight of the window. It had no eyes, nose or mouth. Pauline said later that its face had a black visor around it. Billie Coombes came back to his chair and his wife made a dash for the telephone. While she phoned the figure just remained where it was 'looking' in through the window.

First of all Pauline Coombes phoned the farm manager at Broadmoor and then she phoned Randall Jones Pugh, UFO Investigator. Pugh advised her to ring the police - and this she did. In the meantime Billie had decided to go outside but took his time putting on his boots. He then called to the cattle dog, Blackie, an active retriever-cross, to come out into the night with him. The dog, however, was running restlessly all over the house, going in circles and to and fro. In retrospect Billie remembered that it had been doing this for the previous couple of hours. Blackie flatly refused to leave the house.

Before the police arrived, Billie went outside. He turned on all the lights and shouted for Blackie to come with him. Usually keen to go out, the dog had to be forced to leave the house, followed by his owner. The dog didn't bark once. He ran around all over the place but without barking. But when the police arrived later he started barking and when the farm manager Richard Hewison arrived he started barking again, even though the dog knew him.

The thing at the window was not visible outside the house, either to Billie Coombes, the police or the farm manager. On investigation the police found nothing except to note that the couple seemed frightened.

Pauline sdaid later when interviewed that when Richard Hewison's car or the police car approached the figure did not walk away but simply disappeared.

Source: The Dyfed Enigma Pugh & Holiday 1979.


Morning. Josiah George and his daughter Carol were taking fodder to their ponies in a field in Camrose, north of Haverfordwest. They soon noticed that something was wrong with the ponies. They were milling around in a bunch by the gate, tossing their heads and rolling their eyes. ‘They were very disturbed – something most unusual, it wasn’t just one or two – it was the whole bunch of them,’ Mr George told investigators Randall Jones Pugh and F. W. Holiday.

‘How many ponies are there?’ Pugh asked.

‘Thirty. The whole bunch were all together – heads up in the air – ears up – eyes staring. It was most unusual. I said to Carol: “What’s gone wrong with the ponies today? What’s frightened them?” We couldn’t do a thing with them. They were all looking in one direction so I said to Carol: “What on earth is up there frightening them? Go and have a look.” Because I could then see something crossing the next field as I looked through a big gap in the hedge.’

In answer to questions posed by Pugh, Mr George said that the object was chromium-white, almost silvery in colour and with three corners – almost a triangle, with the apex pointing upwards. From where the witnesses were, it seemed to be on the ground and there was no sound. It was viewed through a ten-yard gap in the bushes at the bottom of the pasture as it traversed the next field, which was freshly-tilled.

Carol moved closer over the pasture to get a closer look. This seemed to encourage the ponies, following after her, stopping halfway across their field while Carol continued towards the gap in the hedge. She could see nothing in the next field and after a while returned to her father.

They continued with the feed, although the ponies refused to touch the fodder. 20 minutes later they were again displaying unease and began milling about, tossing their heads and staring down the field. Mr George and Carol looked, and again saw the strange silvery object moving across the ground in the next field. Carol then repeated her approach, again being followed halfway by the ponies. Again she saw nothing.

It took the ponies many days to get back to normal, they could be seen staring at the area where the object had been seen. Mr George: ‘They were completely different. They seemed to be expecting something.’

Source: The Dyfed Enigma Randall Jones Pugh & F. W. Holiday 1979 pp: 81-83.



Edward McLean of Heol-Y-Mynydd, Ystrad, saw a spherical flying object above Gelli Mountain. He called his friend, Ken Stagg, of Pembroke Close, Ystrad, out of the fish and chip shop that Ken owned to see it.

They were able to view it for 7 minutes untikl it disappeared at high speed. Ken Stagg said it was a very large craft shaped like a dinner plate and pulsating with different coloured lights.

Source: Western Mail 4 June 1977.


Pauline Coombs looked through her kitchen window at Ripperston Farm, towards the sea, and saw a craft which had landed to the north-east about 400 or 500 yards distant. The object was located in a large field and stood on a tripod undercarriage.

She thought it was approximately between 14ft and 20 ft in diameter and approximately 3 ft off the ground. It was silvery in colour and had an antenna. There was no way that she could have mistaken farm machinery for the object, as she was very familiar with agricultural equipment, and she would have known where the men were working previously. The object took off and departed in the direction of the sea.

An inspection of the field was made and a circular burn mark in the grass was found and a certain amount of soil had been displaced. The ground where the UFO had landed was wet, due to it being over a water-supply line, made of PVC and sunk about 2 1/2 ft underground, which runs across the field to supply cattle with drinking water. At this location was a right-angled junction with another branchline, and the ground was wet because the joint was leaking.

It might not have been coincidence that the pilot/s of the UFO had chosen that exact point to land the craft. The water in the pipe was for cattle only, and not for domestic use. The Coombs later told researcher, Peter Paget, later in the year, that another UFO researcher had previously visited the site with a geiger counter and had found trace radiation indications from the burned circle. Paget concluded that it was likely that the radiation noted had not been from a dust but had originated from the ground, having been irradiated by a radioactive source. A later test showed that the radiation had faded, being no more than the normal 'background count'.

Source: The Welsh Triangle Peter Paget 1979 pages 42 - 43.



Twin sisters Layann and Joann Coombes were with their dogs playing in the fields near the coastal cliffs half a mile from their home, Ripperston Farm.  

Layann: "We were playing roly-poly in the grass and then I saw something walking up into the hedge....quite near".

A very tall and thin, silver-clad figure had appeared about fifty feet from the two girls and was walking slowly. Layann added that it was a silver human being, which had a face but no eyes, ears or nose. She explained it was like a normal person but square.  It had a black head and its straight arms were by it's side.

Layann: "The dogs were trying to find us in the grass and I shouted to Joann: 'Can you see that thing?'.....and she looked at the hedge and she saw the back of it. The dogs were.....their hair was up and they were barking and growling."

The dogs did not give chase to the being, but backed off instead, looking frightened. Layann said she wasn't frightened though. The figure walked through the hedge and the barbed wire fence.

The children went to a gateway and looked into the next field, the dogs following behind, but could see nothing of the figure. They went home and told their story to their mother, Pauline Coombes and their grandmother who was on a visit. Pauline accompanied them both back down the fields to the spot where the figure had passed into the next field. Tread-marks were visible in the longish grass, but that was all. After an hour's search and much questioning of her girls Pauline Coombes gave up and returned home.

After much questioning of her girls, Pauline was convinced that they had seen something.

Investigator Randall Jones-Pugh examined the fence. The top strand was waist-high and nearly buried in a hawthorn hedge. No man could have walked through it although the children insisted that the figure had done this and had not climbed over.

Source: The Dyfed Enigma Randall Jones-Pugh & F.W. Holiday 1979 pages 98 - 100.



About 3 AM.

A 17-year-old girl living in Moulton Crescent, Milford Haven, woke up to see a "bright light and a sort of spaceship hovering just above the window. There was a sort of green beam round the edge of it."

Staring at the spectacle, she suddenly saw that there was a small humanoid, about three feet tall, standing on the window-sill close to the glass.

"It was dressed in a sort of suit. You could only see the hands and face. It had long hair really."

The suit was silver in colour and had a high-necked collar. 

"It was a single-piece suit except for the hands which were in a sort of glove - they were really a sort of mitten. It had slanted eyebrows, normal eyes and a curved nose."

While the girl stared in fear, it just stood there looking at her. Then she just closed the curtains and went back to bed!

She had another encounter the following Thursday.

Source: The Dyfed Enigma Randall Jones-Pugh and F. W. Holiday 1979 pages 62 - 63.



About 5 AM.

The 17-year-old girl, living in Moulton Crescent, Milford Haven who had seen a small humanoid on her window-sill a few days previously had another encounter. 

Again, she was in her bedroom. She woke up to see light coming in through the side window. She went to the window and saw a craft hovering motionless near her sister's bedroom, near the garden gate, hovering at roof level.

This time the spaceship was smaller and had what appeared to be portholes,  but it still had the same green beam around it.

She explained, "The bottom was round and it had a sort of glass compartment over it. It had stationed itself near my father's car out there in the street....a figure came out of this machine and it was just walking in mid-air - there was nothing attached to it. It had an ovale-shaped face, long brownish hair - a very dark colour - slanted eyebrows, normall eyes."

It was the same type of figure seen on her window-sill previously.

"The figure kept on walking forward and walking back." It did not turn, but literally walked backwards. It returned to the craft, got in and the craft went off.

Source: The Dyfed Enigma Randall jones-Pugh and F. W. Holiday 1979 pages 62 - 64.



10.15 PM.  Philip Warren Harris, of Oreston, Thornton, Milford, saw an object over the Gulf Oil Refinery. It caught his attention because of the erratic course it was taking. He described the rapid, wavy track as ‘like a cardiograph.’ There was no sound, he says, and it was definitely not a plane. He had binoculars trained on the object which was shaped ‘between an egg and a rugby ball’ and seemed large in size. After five minutes the thing just disappeared.

Source: The Dyfed Enigma Randall Jones Pugh & F. W. Holiday 1979 page 139.


20 MAY 1977 – BEDDAU

7.25 PM. Clear conditions. A man with four companions located at Beddau, saw a shiny silvery cigar-shaped object which was very long. First seen overhead, about half a mile high. Duration of sighting: 40-50 seconds before it faded. He reported to Cardiff Airport.

Source: MOD Files.



Mrs Vivienne Gammon, of Ely Gardens, Townhill, Swansea glanced out of the window of her aunt’s home in Gwynedd Gardens, Townhill at about 9 PM and saw two unidentified flying objects, hovering in and out of a cloud.

“One of them was flat like a plate and the other was long and oval. They gave off a glow like a lighthouse and kept bobbing up and down.”
To reassure herself she wasn’t imagining things, she called her aunt, Gladys, who confirmed that there was something hovering around up there in the twilight.
“We then called her neighbour, Mr Graham Noel and the three of us went outside and watched the objects until they disappeared ten minutes later.”

Swansea coastguards came up with a theory to explain the sighting: two Boeing 747s passing each other and reflecting the setting sun’s light. But the objects were hovering for over ten minutes.

Source: South Wales Evening Post Saturday 21 May 1977.

22 MAY 1977 - CAERLEON

8.30 PM.

The witness a married woman from Croesyceiliog, was in her stationary car in Caerleon when she saw an object in the sky to the west of her location. The object looked like a very small stationary cloud, very high, higher than aircraft would normally fly. It seemed to shine.

At first she thought it was reflecting the sun. The moon was visible. The object seemed to get larger and elongated.

A crescent-shaped object seemed to come from first object (with a line through it). The second object then flew off in an easterly direction before  climbing and disappearing. The witness had watched for about 20 minutes.The witness reported it to Gwent Police who forwarded the report to the MOD.

Source: MOD Files.


24 MAY 1977 - LAWRENNY

Clear night.

Mrs Betty Sulivan, of Benton Castle, on the River Cleddau was walking out of the front door of her home:

"It was a dark night. I walked out of the lighted hall and this light came across and I couldn't have missed it. There was no sound - no port or starboard lights - and I thought, 'What an extraordinary aeroplane!' My first reaction was 'No noise - where's the noise?' It was dead silent."

It was moving horizontally.

"The light was peculiar - it is difficult to describe.... it was sort of pulsating. Pulsating and glittering. It was quite large. I rushed off to get the field-glasses as soon as it had got down to Lawrenny, in the hope that it was coming back, but there was not a sign."

Duration of sighting: about 45 seconds.

Source: The Dyfed Enigma Randall Jones-Pugh and F. W. Holiday 1979 page 56.


24 MAY 1977 - CARDIFF

10.00 PM. Clear night.

A married couple, and a 15-year-old boy in Cardiff saw a sharp bright white light to the south of their position, about ten miles distant, at an elevation of 30 degrees above the horizontal. The object was moving in a straight line from west to east . Duration of sighting: 3 minutes. The boy telephoned Glamorgan (Rhoose) Airport at 10.40 on 26 May 1977 to report the sighting.

Source: MOD Files.


11.00 PM.

A married couple from Ynysddu were in Ynysddu and saw a large gold coloured light over Ynysddu Mountain to the east of their location travelling north to south towards Newport. Duration of sighting: 2 minutes.

Source: MOD Files.



Approximately 7 PM.

Darren Lodwick, his brother (aged 9) and two friends, brothers Ricky (9) and Philip (7) were kicking a ball about on the grass verge outside 28 - 32 Haulfryn, Tregynwr, a suburb of Carmarthen to the south-east of the town. His parents were visiting Mrs Jones at no. 32,  the best friend of his mother, having previously lived next door. They had come down from their home in Pencader. Ricky and Philip lived a couple of doors down from Mrs Jones.

They heard a humming noise and looked around, trying to work out where it was coming from. They looked up the hill - up the road (south), and saw a cigar-shaped object in the sky above the hill, about 30-40 degrees elevation. It was covered in large square panels which were large lights flashing different colours, which filled up the whole side of the object.

It struck Darren how clear it looked. The lights were pulsing, and the colours were constantly changing. It remained in position, hovering in the sky a couple of hundred feet up. They watched it for a couple of minutes and then Darren's brother ran into Mrs Jones's house to get their parents. Darren was shouting, 'Hurry up!' while he carried on looking at it with Ricky and Philip. The humming and intermitent pulsing colours continued in a throbbing action. Then the humming sound suddenly raised in pitch briefly and the object vanished before their eyes in full view, instantly dematerialising, and the humming stopped.

Their father came out, heard their story, but didn't believe them.

Darren Lodwick points out the position of the cigar-shaped object up the hill to the south.

Source: SUFON Files: Darren Lodwick interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams on site 21 July 2016.


10.25 PM.

The witness, who lived in Pyle, was on a bus travelling along the B4281 Pyle to Bridgend road and spotted in a clear sky, a very large, red, flashing object, later turning blue and white, which appeared to be 2 miles to the north at an elevation of 40 degrees, moving steadily from north-south. The duration of the sighting was 2-3 minutes.

Source: MOD Files.



Mrs Rosemary Lewis and her husband, who live at Simpson Cross on the St. David's road, had a local power blackout at 8.45 PM. The evening was still fairly light about 10 o'clock when Mr Lewis wandered into the kitchen to get a snack. The view from the window, at a range of about two miles, is of a ridge of low hills known as Cuffern Mountain.

Mr Lewis was studying these hills to see if the electricity supply had been restored to nearby farms and then he saw something which amazed him. he said: 'I was eating a biscuit when this terific red glow came out of nowhere. It had a larger base, as it were - pear shaped - then it moved up towards the horizon for perhaps twenty yards. Finally it moved in its entirety towards the horizon and disappeared.  It moved quickly over this twenty yards - it looked like a fire moving - then went to the horizon and disappeared. It was something that I've never seen in the whole of my life. I just don't know what it was.'
Alerted by her husband, Rosemary Lewis also went to see the phenomenon. At first she thought it was a big gorse fire on the mountain.
UFO Investigator, Randall Jones Pugh interviewed Mrs Lewis:
'Can I ask what colour it was?' Pugh asked her.
'It just looked like a fire - orangey-red.'
'Was it extensive?'
'It was confined but it was large. And it started to move which I thought was odd because if it had been a fire it would have spread.'
"You say "started to move". How did it move?'
'It moved slightly to the side at first, then went up to the horizon. And it started to change shape. It was pear-shaped at first, then it moved to the side and became elongated. Then it moved to the top of the mountain and started fading quite a lot. It then became an elongated haze on top of the mountain. And just before it disappeared I noticed red lights on either side of it. It wasn't a vehicle - it was much too big to be a vehicle.'
'It wasn't the headlights of a car?'
'No, it was a ball of fire.'
'You've drawn something vaguely like a cigar shape.'
'Yes, but when it took that shape it was very hazy and it was then that I saw the red lights. Then it disappeared. It either went down the other side of the mountain or it just disappeared. I think it just disappeared. I find it odd because it went so hazy once it reached the top of the mountain.'


Source: The Dyfed Enigma Randall Jones Pugh & F. W. Holiday 1979 pages 83-84.


8 - 9 JUNE 1977 – GARNANT

Ammanford police looked into a report of red and green lights which were seen hovering over Bethel  Cemetery, Garnant, in the Amman Valley at midnight on the night of 8-9 June. A police spokesman said that there were no further details of the mystery object.

Source: South Wales Evening Post 9 June 1977



Bryn and Mauricette Jacob, of Salem, near Llandeilo had just returned from a jubilee celebration in the early hours.

Mrs Jacob said, “We had just returned home when I thought I saw a shooting star just outside our house. But I realised it could not be a shooting star because it was moving straight and slow. It was light blue in colour and flashing and when my husband noticed it he started counting and discovered that there were three sequences of seven seconds between the flashes.”

She added that she had telephoned Cardiff airport afterwards and had been told that there had been no passenger traffic to the area but it could possibly be a military aircraft taking photographs.

Bryn Jacob, the swimming pool manager at Tregyb Comprehensive School,  Llandeilo, said: “We do not claim this is a flying saucer but it was certainly very unusual. It was travelling north and flashing brightly in sequence.”

Source: South Wales Evening Post 10 June 1977.



"I was fishing with my father and his friend at a local beach known as Monk Cwm Nash on the South Wales coast, we were fishing at night with the rods pointing skywards and obviously we were looking upwards at the rod tips checking for fish takes, it was a beautiful calm and warm summers night sometime during the night my father called out to me to come over to him about 50 feet away, he was pointing upwards towards the north where he told me to look at the lights flashing, as there is an airport near my first thought was that it was a plane but I soon realized that wasn’t the case, it was a clear starlit night and the three of us could clearly see 3 red flashing lights, they were flashing in a triangular fashion in that as one faded out the next would light up and so on completing a triangle motion, we couldn’t see an outline or anything just the lights, they didn’t progress across the sky and appeared to be stationary, it was impossible to estimate an altitude as obviously there is no reference point to base it on, it was also impossible to guess its size except to say that if it was one craft we were looking at it must have been huge, we watched them for a couple of minutes when they extinguished completely and we didn’t see them again although at that time we fished that beach almost weekly."

Source: http://www.ufoworldnews.com/ufo-sighting-in-cardiff-wales-on-july-1st-1977-night-time-sighting-from-beach-whilst-fishing/ Posted by witness 28 September 2015.



10.00 - 10.30 PM.

Stephen Owen Jones was with his girlfriend (later wife), Sandra, sitting in his car, listening to Radio Luxembourg, in the car park at Bracelet Bay, Mumbles. They would oftenb listen to it there as the reception was better. 

The precise date is not known, but Stephen remembers that it was about the time of Elvis Presley's death). They both noticed a set of lights in the sky above the Coastguard Station. It was not moving at all but just hovered at a height of about 2-3000 feet. He described it as coloured lights - 4 green, 5 red and a central white light - arranged in a hexagonal shape.

He had always had an interest in aircraft and knew that it was not a plane or helicopter. They watched it, motionless and without sound for about ten minutes when it suddenly shot northwards at a speed 'way too fast for a Westland or Sea King helicopter' to a point roughly over Blackpill, where it took up another hovering position for a short while before shooting straight up and out of sight.

Stephen listened to the news and checked the Evening Post for a few days after but no mention of a search and rescue was made. Sandra's father was a radio ham at the time and used to listen in to the air traffic control and there was nothing reported that night.

Source: SUFON Files - Stephen Owen Jones interviewed on Facebook by Emlyn Williams 5/6 August 2016.



Mrs Janet Box, of Maes Grenig, Glanamman, and David Gravette, of Llwyn Celyn, Salem, Llandeilo, were on their way to work at the DVLC in Swansea. Janet Box said:
“We were coming across the mountain at about twenty to eight when I caught sight of something silver flashing in the sun. It hovered like a helicopter in one place, and was a brilliant silver. Further on, after the road had changed direction, I saw it again – it must have travelled at a terrific speed to have got there. It looked flat but rounded.”

Mrs Box pointed it out to the driver, David Gravette.

“It seemed cylindrical,” said Mr Gravette, “It wasn’t a plane, and definitely wasn’t a bird. This thing was virtually stationary, but it disappeared by the time we had got up the hill. It was peculiar, like a big silver football.”
Local weatherman, John Powell said he knew of no weather balloons in the area, and a spokesman for RAF Brawdy said it was too low to be a weather balloon.

Source: South Wales Evening Post 2 August 1977.



A mother and daughter noticed five bright lights hovering in the sky above Milford Haven. Suddenly one of the lights moved seawards. When out over the coast it stopped and from it emerged three smaller lights. The new lights then flew all over the area, up and down the Haven, before returning to their parent craft where they were picked up again and it rejoined the main group stationary over the town. Then three of the other craft flew out to sea at different points and discharged more lights. These came back inland as a formation of red, green and silver discs totalling nine objects in all.

The performance, which continued for over two hours, included a formation of six UFOs flying low up the Haven at a speed faster than jet aircraft.

Source: The Welsh Triangle Peter Paget 1979 page 79.



11 PM.

12-year-old John Williams, whilst staying at his grandparents’ farm in Ystalyfera, saw a light in the sky.

“I saw a bright light in the sky over towards Carmarthen. It kept changing colour and seemed to hover in the sky for a while, then it moved away. I’m convinced that it wasn’t a plane because a plane would have had flashing lights.”

After spotting the lights, John called the rest of the family to have a look and he says they were equally mystified.

Source: South Wales Evening Post 10 August 1977



In the early hours, four youths aged between 15 and 17 in Port Talbot saw a dome-shaped object with flashing lights on it creeping over the mountain above the town. After hovering over the town for a while it shot along the sea front at high speed and then “acted in a highly suspicious manner” in the vicinity of the BP Chemicals plant at Baglan Bay before disappearing.

The youths were terrified by what they saw. They said the object was definitely not a plane and it was capable of travelling at very high speed and then apparently hovering on the spot.

Source: South Wales Evening Post 12 August 1977.




Was it a meteorite, a planet or yet another sighting in West Wales of an Unidentified Flying Object?

The latest sighting was last night when 11-year-old Enfys Williams and her aunt Mrs. Margaret Thomas were going to bed. The UFO could be seen from the window of their home in Lone Road, Clydach.

“We could see the dome and it did not seem to be moving. It was pinky red in colour at first and then it changed to different colours. It was there for about an hour,” said Enfys today.

Her aunt confirmed the sighting and added that the object had been seen in the area before.
“It was above Gellionen Mountain.” Mrs. Thomas said.

But  a spokesman for Mumbles coastguard station said they had a mobile unit out last night looking for a meteorite over Swansea Bay.
“At first we were not sure whether it was a flare or a meteorite but it was confirmed by the meteorological office later that it was a meteorite.
“It could easily have been spotted in the Clydach area” he added.

The spokesman did not concede that from the description given by Enfys the UFO could also have been a planet. “They sometimes appear like this.”
At the same time two Swansea people, Mrs. Rhoda Williams and her neighbour, Mr. Lawson Squires, also sighted a UFO. “It was travelling at a terrific speed and was very bright. Both of us saw it so it was no optical illusion,” said Mr. Williams.

Source: South Wales Evening Post Tuesday 23 August 1977.



Francis Lloyd set off from Haverfordwest with a heavy truck of merchandise to deliver to the Continent. With him in the cab was sixteen-year-old John Dwyer, the son of his employer. At 2.30 AM, the truck was two miles out of Carmarthen on the A48 heading for Crosshands. As it slowed and started to take Nantycaws Hill the driver and his mate encountered the humanoids.

Mr Lloyd told investigators Randall Jones-Pugh and F. W. Holiday, “I came down into a dip at the bottom of Nantycaws and started to climb up and then the lights just picked up these two.....things. I saw them and thought: ‘It can’t be – it must be my eyes’, so I never said a word. John, by the side of me, said: ‘What the hell’s that?’ I just said: ‘I’m not hanging around to find out.’”

The big truck had eight forward headlights which made the road as light as day. Standing on the right-hand grassy verge were two huge figures about seven feet high and correspondingly wide. They were a reddish-orange in colour and seemed to be wearing single-piece celluloid suits. Their heads were elongated upwards as if carrying a tall helmet. The heads seemed to the witnesses to be about a foot wide and eighteen inches high – rather like those of guardsmen wearing busbies . As the light struck the figures it reflected back.

The two monstrous beings were standing together, slightly turned towards each other. They seemed to be holding some sort of instrument between them, although what this object was the two witnesses couldn’t make out.

The figures remained still as the truck ground up the slope past them. The boy gasped: “Jeez, what was that? I’ve never seen anything like that before. It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.” Francis Lloyd told the investigators: “I also had a weird feeling. I wouldn’t call it fright. It was a sort of cold tingling as were approaching and passing them.”
Pugh asked, “Did they have arms, legs?”
“Yes, they had arms. And there was a sort of flap on the shoulders.”
“Did they have their arms up when you saw them?”
“Yes. It seemed as if they had radios or something and they were holding an object....They seemed to be holding something. Also they had some sort of aerial coming out of them.”
“How long were these aerials?”
“About to the top of the head. They glittered in the lights. They were a chrome-silvery colour.”
The supposed aerials seemed to emerge out of the left side of the figures’ chests and reached to about the top of their high heads. However, John Dwyer said later that he also glimpsed a smaller aerial coming from the side of one of the beings’ heads.
“You saw no glow – no sign of a landed craft?” Pugh asked Francis Lloyd.
“You’ve never seen individuals like this before? They weren’t roadmen by any chance?”
“No, they definitely were not.”
“Were they facing you?”
“They were just standing. I’ve never seen anything so weird or ever felt so weird. They were slightly turned in towards each other like we are now. It wasn’t a trick of the light because I had eight headlights on.”
“Did you notice their legs?”
“No. That’s the funny part, I didn’t. John didn’t either.”
“Could you make out features?”
“No – and that’s another queer part. The faces were there, but we seemed to see through them like. There seemed to be nothing. You couldn’t make them out. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I always believed that UFOs were a hoax but it definitely made me change my mind about that. They weren’t human – I’m pretty sure about that.”

Man and boy stared at this spectacle for five to six seconds while the heavy truck rumbled past the monsters and left them behind in the darkness. A reaction then seemed to set in with the truck drew and neither of them mentioned the subject for the rest of the journey. The load was delivered to the Continent and, in due course, John Dwyer returned to Ireland where he lives.
“Did he ever mention it before he went home?” Pugh asked.
“Yes,” said Francis Lloyd. “He said: ‘I don’t want to talk about it and I never want to see anything like that again. I’ve never seen anything like it in my whole life.’”
Lloyd’s wife, Pat, broke in to comment: “Whatever it was they saw, the boy couldn’t seem to get over it.”
The inexplicable affair nagged so much at Francis Lloyd’s mind that he finally told the story to Harry Williams, a Carmarthen detective he knew.


Source: The Dyfed Enigma Pugh and Holiday 1979 pages 131 -134.




By Adrian Howells

Bishopston school-boys, Andrew Evason and Michael Jenkins were spending the last day of the summer holidays quietly picking blackberries when suddenly from behind a hedge soared “something from outer space”.

“It was definitely a UFO. We were so frightened we dropped everything and ran home like mad,” said Andrew, aged 12, of The Rectory, Bishopston, and Michael, aged 12, of Ship Cottage, Pwlldu Bay.

The boys, pupils at Bishopston Comprehensive School, described the “craft” as being about the size of a bus and a whitish silver in colour with a dome on the top.
It was so clear in their minds they drew a rough sketch of the craft to show disbelievers.

“There was no noise or disturbance. It just rose up from behind the hedge and soared off into the sky,” said the boys, still excited by their sighting.
“We were picking blackberries along a hedge in a field when we both looked up and saw the UFO a little further down. We only saw it for a few seconds because we were frightened. We are convinced we saw it and that it was a UFO,” they added.

The boys returned to the field from where the object had risen with Andrew’s father, Rev. A. B. Evason, and “there was a mark there which looked as if something had been resting on the grass.”

The credibility of the boys’ story is verified by Rev. Evason who said: “They certainly saw something. When they returned home they were very startled.”
“I went down to the field with them and there was some kind of mark on the grass.

It was as if the grass was a yellowish colour,” added Rev. Evason.
The incident is the latest in a series of sightings of UFO’s in the Swansea area but the first in the Bishopston area.
Source: South Wales Evening Post 1 September 1977.

[The field in question is located north of the B4436 (Northway) opposite the cul-de-sac called Portway. SUFON is in the process of investigating this case further and is in touch with the boys, now in their middle-age]



In the tiny village of Llandeloy, not far from St. David's on a dry, clear night lit by a full moon, at about 9.15 PM, Tracey Jenkins (aged 11) was in her bedroom at the back of her house getting ready for bed. The view from the window is northwards across fields with the buildings of Ashgrove Farm visible at a distance of about half a mile.

A little to the right of the Ashgrove barn Tracey saw a very low cloud or bank of mist. It was about the height of a house from the ground. Although a strong breeze was blowing from the sea that night the cloud remained quite stationary.

From the top of the cloud a luminous object rose into view. The colour was yellowish and the light pulsated rather quickly. The object was roughly triangular in shape and looked rather like a yacht with its sails set. It seemed to be about four feet high. The child stared at the object for about a minute before it sank back into the cloud. After a short time an object of a slightly different shape appeared.

Tracey said: 'When it disappeared I was looking all over the place and I felt frightened. I waited about three or four minutes before it came back. When it came out again it seemed to have moved towards me.'
She added that it was now larger and longer and she described it as a 'banana', then a 'gondola', yellowish and pulsating. Tracey called her dad and told her nine-year-old sister, Sarah to get him, who shot downstairs and their father, laboratory technician Islwyn Jenkins quickly came up.
He said, 'The object was still there. I watched it for the best part of a minute until I shouted to Wendy (his wife) but when she came up it had reduced to an oval glow.'

Wendy Jenkins said that when she saw it it was a vague gondola shape, but only a glow, it didn't go out but the glow remained for a long time.

Source: The Dyfed Enigma Pugh & Holiday 1979.


Afternoon. Clear.

Pauline Coombs was driving back from Talbenny accompanied by her mother, Frances Grycz, and four of the family: Katrina (15), Kieron, and the younger twins, Layanne and Joanne. She had decided to take the short cut via Broadmoor Farm and so, turning off by the disused airfield, she drove along the rutted dirt road down the valley and towards the sea and then, turning sharply left, climbed the steep hill towards Ripperston overlooking the coastal cliffs. They had been shopping and everyone was in a good mood.

Pauline: "I was driving up the back road to the farm, with all the children in the car, when we saw another enormous disc fly over us..."

The disc, glinting in the sun, could have been no more than 40 or 50 ft above the road as it glided silently over the fields ahead of them straight towards the mysterious Stack Rocks. The disc lost altitude and moved behind the rocks. "Then we saw it reappear, circle the rock and - I swear this is true, we all saw it - it vanished into the rock between two doors that seemed to slide open. We couldn't believe our eyes. We saw it fly straight into those rocks. We all winced, expecting an enormous explosion, but nothing happened. Anyway, we parked the car and we all walked along the coastal path to the best vantage point for the rocks and we all saw the 'door' again and this time two silvery figures walking on the edge of the rock. Then, after a bit, they retreated inside the rock."

By this time the disc was no longer visible, having disappeared previously. The figures had appeared after its descent and were, again, the tall silver-suited beings seen in the area on other occasions this year. They wore the same one-piece silver suits, each with a tinted dark visor on a helmet completely covering the head. They were clearly visble from the mainland and Pauline only regretted that other people were not there to witness the scene.

Two of the figures had emerged from inside the doors and walked down what appeared to be steps or at least step-like indentations in the dark rock to the seashore, where they appeared to be examining something. They stayed for only a few minutes and then one of the figures went up again to the doors and appeared to be working or moving about just inside the doorway. The other figure joined him after a time and the doors slid silently shut. The figures did not reappear. The family were completely stunned and startled but unsure what to do, remembering their former harassing experiences with press and public.

From the Haven Fort Hotel along the coast to the east, the other side of Little Haven, Rose Granville and her family came corroboration of the Coombs' story, as they too had also witnessed the figures. They had been sitting in the lounge of the hotel which commands a fine view of the coast and the Stack Rocks out in the sea. Their attention was drawn by a bright flash, possibly the sun glinting off the silver disc seen by the Coombs family. The flash had come directly from the islands and Rose examined the rocks with binoculars. She was amazed to see the figures emerge and come down to the water's edge, just as Pauline had described. Rose's daughter, Francine and husband Hayden also had a look through the binoculars and saw the figures. They watched as the figures later retreated dep underground. Rose telephoned Pauline to let her know what they had witnessed.

Source: The Welsh Triangle Peter Paget 1979 pages 119 - 122.



At approximately 7.15 pm

boys Simon and Richard May (nine and eight respectively) of Aberdare ran into their house saying they had seen a UFO.

As they were playing with other children that night they saw the object moving slowly towards them and continuing on in the direction of Glynneath to the west. It made no sound at all as it passed overhead. Simon drew a sketch of what he saw that night.

The sketch described a circular object having nineteen small white lights around the rim, with three very bright white lights towards the rear of the object underneath, and a slowly pulsating single red light off centre towards the front of the object positioned in the direction of travel.

Source: The Welsh Triangle Peter Paget 1979.



Coastguard Tony Dalton described "a very large, brilliant, yellow-green transparent ball with a fuzzy outline, which descended from the base of a towering cloud over Garn Fawr mountain, and appeared to float down a hillside. It emitted intense light for about three seconds and there was static on the radio."

He stated that the object was as big as a bus and slowly rotated around a horizontal axis and seemed to bounce off projections on the ground. Cattle and seabirds in the vicinity became disturbed and it was this that first aroused his attention. He first of all thought it might be a UFO but a later explanation wrote it off as "ball lightning".

However this explanation doesn't fit the normal reports of ball lightning which had never exceeded about 6 inches in diameter.

Source: The Welsh Triangle Peter Paget 1979 page 136.



Shortly before 10.30 AM. Clear, crisp day.

Mrs Y lives in Atlantic Drive, Broad Haven. Her mother was visiting her and the two women were standing at the kitchen sink, washing up a few cups. Her house is on the first low hill rising from the seashore. The view from the window includes other houses on the estate and arable fields in the middle distance, looking north-west.

Mrs Y glanced up the hill towards St. David's:

"There is a field up there, and a brilliantly white object was hovering and moving slowly from my right to my left. It was not high up in the sky but just above the hedge. There was a strip of blue sky between the object and the hedge. The thing was moving very slowly. It wasn't silver but more of a flat white. It was large - as big as a bus, a bulbous thing. It looked rather like a barrage balloon and there was no sign of propellers. The main portion was cigar-shaped with a fairly big tail that looked like a barrage balloon. I watched it for some seconds, and then my mother looked at it."

It was about three quarters of a mile away, and clearly defined. There was no sound.

"It progressed slowly downwards to my left, towards the sea, and then was cut off from view by the houses."

No reports of balloons were made and barrage balloons had long been obsolete.

Source: The Dyfed Enigma Randall Jones-Pugh and F. W. Holiday 1979 pages 159 - 160.



Brian Harnikel, aged fifteen, and his fourteen-year-old sister Catherine were walking across Orange Gardens, Pembroke just after 10 PM when they sighted a dome-like object in the sky, carrying three white lights.

Brian stated: 'The object was making its way very slowly in the direction of Freshwater East. It wasn't making any noise and to gauge the size I took a penny out of my pocket and held it at arm's length. It covered the UFO, which was at a great height, completely.'

Brian ran home to tell his brother Paul and together they watched the UFO for about thirty seconds until it went out of sight. They got in touch with the police and later two policemen called on them for further details.

This was the second time that these children had sighted a UFO, for together with their mother they had attempted earlier in the year to take photographs of an unidentified object which they had all seen making its way across the sky at a relatively low altitude. Regrettably the photography was unsuccessful.

Source: The Welsh Triangle Peter Paget 1979.



6.05 AM.

William Flood of 22 Veniss Close, Merlin's Bridge worked at Krafts Food, Haverfordwest. He'd finished his night shift and left the factory at 6 am to drive the short distance to his home in his 1968 Morris 1800. 

His normally reliable car, started cutting out and eventualy stopped running. Eventually, however, he got home.

"Well, I parked my car. I was going to get my flask and my sandwich-box when something caught the corner of my eye. This was about five past six in the morning. There are no lights in our street because this is a new estate. It was a clear night, dry, with stars out. Just as I was locking up the car there it was - a ball. It was bright blue. You've seen the blue on the points of a sparking-plug - well, that's the blue it was - electric. It suddenly lit up like that. It seemed to me more or less gliding."

It was about football size and about fifty feet in the air, making no sound. It was too c=shaed of blue, very light and darkish. The light part was inside and the dark blue outside.

"It was going south....coming down in an arc. It seemed to appear out of nowhere....it wasn't fast moving. As I watched it the thing seemed to be gliding down."

The blue ball seemed to land in a field nearby but William didn't go to investigate, as he was a bit frightened. Although he didn't actually see it touch down, it definitely came close.

His car ran normally after this.

The next morning he carried out a search of the field but no trace was found.

Source: The Dyfed Enigma Randall Jones-Pugh and F. W. Holiday 1979 pages 156 - 157.



Saturday 24 December 1977 was a very clear day with brilliant sunshine. At about 3.30 PM Mrs Ann Gillian Simms of 28 Dale Road was collecting some washing from her garden when she happened to glance over to her left and saw what she described as a 'thing in the sky'.

'I got the impression that it wasn't very high. It was slightly smaller than the sun in size but a different shape. It was oval-shaped, completely smooth and very well defined. It didn't seem far away. It was a flattened circle really - flatter than an oval in fact.

I thought it reflected the sun - it looked metallic. It was silvery in colour. It was moving slowly, and I watched it for some minutes before it finally became a pinprick and disappeared from view. The thing that struck me was that there was no sound at all from it. It was definitely not a helicopter. I stayed and watched it until it went out of sight.'

Mrs Simms's husband, in fact, was a helicopter pilot at Brawdy NATO base at the time. What she saw was therefore a matter of professional interest to the whole family.

Source: The Dyfed Enigma Randall Jones Pugh & F. W. Holiday 1979 page 165.



Two petrochemical operators in BP Baglan Bay spotted a mushroom-shaped object, complete with flashing lights early in the morning as it hovered above Briton Ferry for about 20 minutes.

It was only after the report of what a group of boys in Briton Ferry saw during the evening came out, that the workers came forward.

“We put it down to a phenomenon, or as an optical illusion,” said one of the operators. “But what we saw is almost exactly the same as the boys reported. It can be best described as a jelly-fish type of thing which seemed to circulate in the air.

The lights were the same colour as the boys described it, only we did not see the door open. We just thought it fair to report that what we saw was the same as the boys saw.”

Source: South Wales Evening Post 31 December 1977.




Two 12-year-old girls, Delmar Lewis of Gwyrddgoed Road, Alltwen, Pontardawe, and friend Julie Davies, both pupils of Ystalyfera Comprehensive School, were walking along the beach at Porthcawl during the day, when they saw what they described as “a strange object exactly like a flying saucer”, above Porthcawl, roughly in the direction from which the Briton Ferry object appeared [see sighting from earlier in the day].

Delmar Lewis: “What we saw was a strange object exactly like a flying saucer. It was a silvery colour and it was going through the air slowly. We watched it in amazement for five minutes and then, like magic, it disappeared. If it wouldn’t have gone we would have kept on watching. We were very excited and after watching it for a while we ran to tell my parents. I don’t think they really believed us.... but they are now convinced we were telling the truth.”

Source: South Wales Evening Post 3 January 1978.



Evening: Robert does not read space fiction. He denies he had watched an earlier television programme. He swears that what he and his friends saw 200-foot up in the Briton Ferry sky was not fantasy.

Robert Adare, aged 13, a pupil of Cwrt Sart comprehensive school, Briton Ferry, claims he definitely saw a bright silver flying saucer, in the early evening sky.

So do his three friends.

They had been walking along a dark lonely lane between Ruskin Street and Glan-y-Mor Street, when one of the gang saw what he thought was a shooting star. But as it came closer and stopped to hover above them for several minutes, they realised it was not.

“The object was oval in shape with blue, white and yellow flashing lights” said Robert. “It was travelling in the direction of Port Talbot. It started to fall, the lights went off and we saw a door open.”

He and his friend Martin Kerswell, aged 14, of Glan-y-Mor Street, stood stunned as a silvery light shone from inside the craft.
But as they stood there agape the two other members of the gang, Robert’s brother Julian, aged 12, and Dean Emmanuel, 14 of Melyn Court, Neath, ran away in terror.

“We didn’t know what it was,” said Martin. “Suddenly after a few minutes, it rushed off at a terrific speed towards BP Llandarcy.”
As Dean and Julian ran off down the lane the two remaining boys stood and watched as the UFO shot silently away into the night.
“Martin and I saw it clearly” Robert claimed, denying his mother’s allegations that it was all imagination.

“We reported it to the police.”
A police spokesman confirmed that the sighting had been reported to headquarters. There had been no other reports.

“But you cannot discount these sightings,” he said. “After all, these were young boys and you cannot attribute such sightings to Christmas cheer.”

Source: South Wales Evening Post Friday 30 December 1977.



Ten-year-old Linda Rees and her friend Heather Morgan aged 11 of Crymych, sighted a strange object flying across the sky. This occurred when they were on their way to see a pet donkey at a nearby farm at about 4.30 PM.

They were very frightened by what they had seen and heard and they rushed home to describe the mysterious object to their parents.

Source: The Welsh Triangle Peter Paget 1979.



The witness does not know the exact date, but has pin-pointed it to a bright cold morning in 1978. Could be spring or autumn because it takes place between 7 and 8 am, and it is light.

Jeffrey Jones, living at 18 Eigen Crescent, Mayhill, Swansea was up at 7 am to get ready for work, where he had to be by 8.

He glanced out of his window, which overlooks Swansea Bay and noticed a very bright white cigar-shaped object, which he described as being like a burning magnesium flare.

The object was positioned over the bay, roughly in line with Blackpill, moving very slowly on a level course from his right to left, or from west to east. The moment he had consciously noted his attention was on the object, it stopped moving.

At this point he bemusedly thought, “Oh it knows what I’m thinking”, removed his gaze to continue getting ready for work, at which point it started moving again, continuing to drift slowly eastwards.

He knew this was taking place because when he again focused his attention on the object, it had moved its position, and again stopped as if it knew it was being looked at! This process was repeated several times over the course of 20 minutes, during which time, Jeff spent about 15 minutes leaning on his windowsill studying it.

Finally he had to leave for work, by which time it had made it to Briton Ferry, having crossed the bay. As he walked down Mount Pleasant Hill towards the city centre, Jeff could still see the object over towards Briton Ferry.

He told no one in work what he seen but when he got home in the evening, he mentioned it to his brother and parents and wondered if there might be something about it  on the TV news. Sure enough, on the evening news it was reported that people in Bridgend and Newport had made reports of UFOs, and he wondered if it had been the same object that he had seen that morning.

Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Emlyn Williams 27 July 2015.



The witness, Jeffrey Jones, who had seen a bright cigar-shaped object over Swansea Bay one cold morning this year, learned from a neighbour that something was over his house, not long after.

One night after 11 PM, a family who lived opposite his house, 18 Eigen Crescent, Mayhill, were sitting chatting in their living room. 19-year-old Jan was the first to see a flat silver disc hovering over the roof of Jeff’s house across the street. It was small enough to be able to land in Jeff’s front garden if it had wanted to.

She called her sister and brother-in-law. As they got to the window they all saw the object shoot straight up into the sky. They excitedly ran across the street and banged on Jeff’s door to tell him what they had seen.

They spent the next few nights watching out but did not see anything else.

Source: SUFON Files: Jeff Jones interviewed by Emlyn Williams 27 July 2015.



Late evening.

Husband and wife, Bill and Evelyn Saul, of Southdown Road, Aberavon, were at Margam around midnight when they saw an object in the sky.

Bill Saul: “I saw this brilliant phosphorescent glow travelling swiftly towards the Swansea area. My wife thought it looked rather like a tadpole in shape and I would agree. I hadn’t reported it to anyone until this morning. There are always some people who treat it as a giggle and I waited to hear if anyone else had spotted what we saw.”

Bill was in his early 60s and is the steward at the Masonic Lodge in Forge Road, Port Talbot.

Source: South Wales Evening Post 9 January 1978.

The sighting was substantiated by Maureen Davies, of Elwy Gardens, Townhill, Swansea. She was returning home from her barmaid job shortly after midnight when she spotted an object in the sky exactly the same as described by the Aberavon couple.

Maureen Davies: “It was a brilliant glow about the size of a plane but dome shaped. It was pretty close and for a few seconds I thought I was seeing things.”

Source: South Wales Evening Post 10 January 1978.



Two Aberavon steelworkers who were fishing near the Port Talbot Tidal Harbour, Cliff Dudley, aged 40, of Verdi Road, Sandfields, and Terry Crowley, of Farm Drive, Sandfields saw a UFO five times in the space of an hour between 6 and 7 pm.

Mr Dudley said: “On the first two occasions it was just like a flash of light travelling in the first instance from the west going across Swansea Bay towards Porthcawl and then in the reverse direction.

The third time it was below low cloud travelling more slowly and was an oval fluorescent shape. On the fourth and fifth occasions it was too fast to distinguish any shape. I had not reported it before but having read of sightings of UFO in the area I thought it right to report what I saw as it might help anyone investigating to set some pattern to whatever is happening.”

Source: South Wales Evening Post Wednesday  11 January 1978.



7.15 PM. Five people were in Addison Road, Melin, Neath. One of them, 20-year-old Gary Jones, of Walters Road, Neath, was repairing his car and saw an object in the sky.

Gary Jones: “It had three main lights which were flashing. It looked like an aeroplane at first, but it couldn’t have been because there was no noise.”
He described the UFO as having a straight bottom with the sides rising to a triangular shape.

It was white in colour.

Within minutes of the object moving off in the direction of Jersey Marine (south-west), another came into view travelling on the same course. Similarly shaped, it hovered in the sky before following the path of the other UFO.

Source: South Wales Evening Post Tuesday 10 January 1978.



Bob Morse of Goetre Fawr Road, Dunvant, was one of three adults and four youngsters in Killay who saw a UFO during the evening. He described it as having two red lights and occasionally emitting a blue arc from the bottom.

He said that with the aid of binoculars it could be seen to be spinning as it travelled.
“It was silent and moved in an arc from Killay towards Three Crosses.”

Source: South Wales Evening Post Wednesday 11 January 1978.



An object was sighted at about 8 pm by 13-year-old Hannah Hayward, of Heol-Trefor in Penlan.

“I saw three big white lights over Kilvey Hill, followed by an explosion which left a green triangular effect.”

Source: South Wales Evening Post Saturday 14 January 1978.



31-year-old Glyn Thomas of Pine Grove, Cimla, Neath, while walking along Cimla Road during the evening, heard a bleep and on looking up into the sky sighted a cigar-shaped object moving towards Skewen and Swansea, which he described as being red with blue cockpit and a white flashing light.

A 'beeping' sound was heard.

This case was investigated by C. E. Edwards of BUFORA.



Andrew Jilson, aged 14 was outside his house with a few friends in Mary Street, Neath during the evening when he saw an oval-shaped object in the sky.

“It was about 10-15 feet long and appeared to have a tail.

There were two lights on, one was bright while the other a dull colour. I looked through my binoculars and saw three burners like on a rocket on the back of the object.

For about a quarter of an hour it went back and fore in a straight line.”

Source: South Wales Evening Post Saturday 14 January 1978.


16-year-old Angelina Lambardi of Neath Road, Landore, Swansea was travelling by bus with some friends after school towards Morriston when they saw a round object gleaming in the sky.

“My friend said it was a plane”, said Angelina, “but I told her you don’t get round planes.”
The object was round she said, with a bump on the top and was very high in the sky, shining brightly. She and her friends observed it for several minutes as it hung apparently motionless in the sky.

A spokesperson at Swansea Airport said that they had not picked up anything that was not identified but added that their radar was not constantly manned.

Source: South Wales Evening Post Wednesday 18 January 1978.


10.30 PM. Dark, stormy night.

Abrielle Jones was driving her elderly friend Vikki home from attending a psychic meeting. It was around 10.30 pm when, just outside the village of Felndre, Swansea, on a steep bend the car suddenly went dead. The engine and all the lights failed. After a few minutes the car started and the lights came back on. As they drove home over the mountain they noticed a single light in the distance. It came towards them and zoomed in through the windscreen, flashing and darting around the interior for what seemed like several minutes.  It was a golden coloured orb, an inch or two in diameter. It went round behind them around the back seat and Abrielle was shouting to Vikki, 'Where is it, can you see it?'. It eventually exited through the passenger window and disappeared into the night.

When they arrived at Vikki's cottage on the mountain top they were surprised to find it so late, it was now around 12.30 pm. They had around an hour and a half unaccounted for. Abrielle went inside while Vikki turned all the lights on (she had recently been widowed and was afraid of the dark). When Abrielle went to go home, her car was again dead. Vikki told her to stay the night but Abrielle insisted she had to get home to take get her kids up for school in the morning and so she walked home over the mountain in the storm. 

Abrielle gave us the month of February. After consulting weather records, we found that there were gales in the area in the period 1st - 4th February, so this has assisted us in dating the sighting.

Source: SUFON Files: Abrielle Jones interviewed by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 21 March 2017.




14-year-old Rebecca Griffiths, who lives in Woodfield, Eaglesbush, saw an object over the Cimla area of Neath at 5.45 pm. It all started with the dog barking at the front door of her house, and Rebecca went to the door and looked in the direction the dog was looking.

She saw a pink light in the sky and immediately called her mother to the door. They both watched the object moving at a terrific speed in the direction of Morriston.

Her mother, Hilary Griffiths later described the object as having an oval shape, and making no noise. The dog was barking furiously and so maybe could hear something the human witnesses couldn’t.

Mrs Griffiths said the family lives away from other houses. “We are on our own in a field,” she said. “None of our neighbours saw anything.”
Source: South Wales Evening Post


Cyril Parry and his wife, of Waun Baglan, Trimsaran, were seeing off some friends just after 8 pm when they happened to glance up and saw a disc-shaped bright light above some electricity pylons. Mr. Parry said the light changed from a bluey colour to a dimmed red and then  it disappeared up into the sky, moving faster than a plane.

“It was rather like a sun-lamp. There were three of us who saw it, then is disappeared upwards and outwards,” said Mr. Parry.

Source: South Wales Evening Post  28 February 1978.



Afternoon.  Sunny day. A red, ball-like UFO frightened swimmers and holiday-makers at St. Brides Haven, on the north coast of the Dale Peninsula in Pembrokeshire. The sphere, which appeared flying low along the coast from the direction of Stack Rocks, caused bathers to run from the water and visitors to desert the beach in panic.

Source: The Welsh Triangle Peter Paget 1979.


2  MAY 1978 – SWANSEA

9.50 PM. David Cox, the local manager of the Sun Alliance Insurance Co. Was driving through Townhill with his wife. As they were proceeding along Powys Avenue, they saw an object in the sky.

David Cox: “We saw a light travelling quickly from my right towards Penlan from town. It was fairly high up and moving at a fairly high speed” [should be left to right as he was heading west – as described further]

At first he thought he had also seen a red light on the craft and believed it to be a plane – or it might have been a helicopter when it stopped in the sky above Graiglwyd Square, and hovered.

“It went slowly up and down and backwards and forwards. It appeared to be like three of the five balls of the Olympic sign, and gradually it hovered and dropped and disappeared behind a house.”
Closer to home, in Warwick Road, Derwen Fawr, they saw the object again, which was a dull white light, hovering over the Clyne Valley, Killay and Dunvant. At about 10.13 PM the light “just went out” and the object disappeared.

Air traffic control at Swansea Airport said there were no aircraft in the area at the time.

Source: South Wales Evening Post Wednesday 3 May 1978.



A UFO was spotted over Chepstow Racecourse. The principle witness, Tony Rostenburg, a 32-year-old managing director of a catering firm, was staying overnight together with his staff at the racecourse in preparation for the weekend's 'Chepstow Spectacular Show'. It was early morning and Mr Rostenburg was the first up.

He described his experience: 'I saw this thing, so I decided to get the others to take a look at it. It was just like a ball with three lights on it. I could see it distinctly as it moved sideways up and down and it was spinning clearly. There is no way an aircraft could have looked or moved like that.'

The UFO hovered over the course for five minutes while Mr Rostenburg aroused the other members of staff, and they also witnessed the strange, spinning saucer. Fifteen-year-old Stuart Denks said: 'Seeing is believing. It was real and pretty frightening.'

Finally the UFO took off and vanished at high speed up into the clouds.


Source: The Welsh Triangle Peter Paget 1979.



One summer evening in 1978 around 7 PM, Susan Daborn was walking back to her flat in Chestnut Avenue, Gorseinon. She was with her children and friends. Her friend’s young son drew her attention, telling her to look across the sky, where she saw a large object surrounded by four other smaller shapes, really bright, so much so that it hurt to look at it.

The object was over the Loughor Estuary, to the west of her position, and may have been as far away as Llanelli. She did not report it or tell anyone for fear of ridicule.

Source: SUFON Files.



Two teenage boys, Robin Morgan, aged 17, of Meyler Crescent, Milford Haven and Paul Duffey, aged 17, saw a 'monster' late one evening in a school field.

They said it was 12 feet tall, was clad in a black robe, with light radiating from a white head. Both had a clear sight of it before they ran away to Milford Haven police station to report it. They both denied that their report was a hoax, and said that they were 'very frightened' by what they had seen.

A Milford Haven police spokesman said that the boys were extremely agitated when they reported their sighting. Police searched the field but saw nothing.

Source: South Wales Evening Post 14 August 1978.



Allison Richards from Kidderminster, Worcesteshire was on holiday with her husband Stan and her daughter, aged 12,  in Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire.
One day she decided to go for a walk with her daughter along the coastal path leading to Stack Rocks.

She said that after the two of them had been walking for what seemed like hours, they noticed that the coastal path was much eroded and in quite a dangerous condition.

They looked down onto the beach and saw a number of strange black boulders strewn all over the beach as if the tide had washed them up. They thought that maybe the objects were black tree stumps.

They carried on with their walk and noticed several small caves in the cliff face. Then they saw what looked like a huge black mushroom, without a stalk, floating on the surface of the sea, just off the beach.

Allison thought, "What on earth is that?" and her daughter shouted out in alarm. Looking up, she saw "...something resembling a huge plate, dull metal in colour, with a 'lump' projecting from the middle."

She grabbed her daughter and started to climb over some barbed wire fencing into a field. In the field some horses were huddled together in one corner. Allison felt that she wanted to ride one away due to her fear "I felt so frightened and unable to comprehend what it was that we had just seen."

They ran for what seemed a long time and then collapsed on the ground with exhaustion. Stan then found us and while she was telling him about what had just happened, she noticed a man on the other sde of the beach, who was wearing blue jeans and a denim top. He had dark hair, and "looked a bit like a 'hippy'. We decided to catch-up with him ansd ask if he had seen the UFO."

But no matter how fast they ran towards him, he still kept the same distance away from them. They gave up and headed back to their car. Then Stan noticed that the man was now in front of them. The 'hippy' walked towards them. Allison noticed that "he had the most amazing veined eyes". He said nothing, just shook his head and smiled. Now feeling strangely threatened they jumped into their car and drove away as fast as they could.

Allison suffered from intense pains in her head, for a number of years afterwards, and discovered five small indentations on her left leg, below the knee cap, which had not been there before. Her daughter is still traumatised by what she saw, despite the experience taking place over twenty-five years ago [2008].

A couple of years after the incident, Allison was visited by an MOD official, who interviewed her about what had happened. He showed her some maps and seemed very interested in what she had to say.

The family returned to the area a few years later and were surprised to discover that there was no sign of the small caves or the black boulders. The walk along the cliff path to Stack Rocks took a fraction of the time that it had previously. It took them thirty minutes, not hours.

She contacted UFO Investigator Randall Jones Pugh who met her at the site, and told her that the horses and the field were part of Ripperston Farm.

Allison sadly passed away in 2008.

Source: Haunted Skies Volume 7.



Between 4 AM and 5 AM

Alun Morgan, of Heol Caegurwen, Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen, a member of the local Carmel Chapel, and the caretaker of two nearby factories, was on his way to work one morning.

He noticed, over the nearby Penllerfedwen Mountain a UFO which 'suddenly rose into the air and seemed to vanish.'
He recalled it as being cigar-shaped with blue flashes emanating from the sides, end and top.

Then, on other occasions since and early in the morning he has noticed similar manoeuvres by the samwe type of object.
Corroborating his story is a woman from the Garnant area who has reported seeing the same shaped UFO, also at about four in the morning, and another resident, Mr D. Pritchard, of Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen.

[Penllerfedwen Mountain is located south-east of the village of Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen].

Source: Herald of Wales Saturday 28 October 1978.



Bernard and Jill Simons, of Odo Street, Hafod, Swansea, watched several objects for over an hour.

Their attention was drawn to it by their children, and they reported it as being a “mysterious object that appeared to be hovering over the Caereithin area of Swansea, changing colour from blue to green then green to red.”

The Simons were determined to keep an eye on the changing light believed to be emanating from the object, which was still there an hour later, and lying slightly lower over the horizon. Watching for another ten minutes, the light was then joined by a further series which approached from an opposite direction making eight in all.

The second series seemed to stop and begin to divide, moving in various directions at “unimaginable speed”.
Bernard Simons: “We’ve got nothing that moves that fast.”

The lights then came back together and were joined by a third source, he observed, while the second and third lights moved gradually away and vanished. Then the original light followed and disappeared.

There was no sound noticed.

Shortly afterwards, what was thought to be the same phenomenon was sighted in Dunvant and nearby areas, then over Bishopston, Gower.

Source: Herald of Wales 11 November 1978.



Date is approximate.

Evening. Eira Morgan was at home in Heol Hafdy, Trallwn, when her neighbour, Pat Farnworth called her out to see white star-like lights high up in the clear night sky moving around in all directions. Some in pairs, stopping and starting and changing direction erratically.

Many other people in the street were out looking at them in wonder. Pat went back into her house to phone the police and when a uniformed officer arrived shortly afterwards, he went indoors with her to take a statement.

When he re-emerged, Eira was outside and she and others told him to look up as the lights were still there. He refused to look up,  just got back in his car and drove away.

Source: SUFON Files: witness Eira Morgan April 2015.



At approximately 5.30 PM

 Pritchard Street, Tonyrefail, Michael Bloxsome was just leaving a friend’s house and saw an object in the sky.

“I saw a round object in the sky, like a ball, glowing orangey and it was moving to my right, not on a vertical path coming down but travelling level.

I saw it for three to four seconds, when it burst horizontally (like a child’s firework rocket), showing orangey glowing sparks and then it disappeared from the path it was travelling.”

Source: Western Mail 3 January 1979.



John and Carol Jenkins and their 14-year-old daughter Susan, of Gorse Place, Fairwater, Cardiff, saw an object which Carol described as being a colourful, star-shaped, changing from green to red, yellow and pink and moving back and fore, ;hovering' - probably over the sea, in the direction of Cardiff Docks.

Mr Jenkins noticed this bright, moving object and called his wife and daughter. The object was apparent for some considerable time.

Source: Western Mail 3 January 1979.



Shortly after 9 PM. Reports of 'flashing lights' in the sky and of 'a very bright star' darting about were made to the Western Mail.

Source: Western Mail Saturday 13 January 1979.



Shortly after 9 PM. Reports of 'flashing lights' in the sky and of 'a very bright star' darting about were made to the Western Mail.

Source: Western Mail Saturday 13 January 1979.



Mrs Florence Jones, aged 72, of Mundeg, Trelewis, said she saw a dark object with a circular flashing light near her garden.

Source: Western Mail Friday 26 January 1979.



People living on the eastern and western sides of Cardiff reported seeing a 'brilliantly coloured' object in the sky which appeared to hover for 15 minutes before disappearing.

Source: Western Mail Friday 26 January 1979.



Late one evening in November or December, young married couple, Peter and Angela were getting coal in before going to bed at their home at Maes Pwll, Clyne in the Neath Valley.

Angela spotted an object hovering motionless at an elevation of about 30 degrees over the river nearby to the north-west, but not high enough to be higher than the mountain on the opposite side of the valley.

She was outside the backdoor of her house which faces north and the object was at a 45 degree angle to her left. She called Peter who also saw it. It was a cigar-shaped object and had lots of multi-coloured lights along its lower part which pulsed and changed colour.

They watched it for about 20 minutes. It did not move at all in that time and there was no sound. They felt scared by the experience. The object then shot off to the south-west,  down the valley ay high speed.

Source: SUFON Files: witnesses interviewd by Emlyn Williams 9 December 2015.



Shortly before Christmas, Terence Jones of Brongwendraeth, Carway, saw what he thought was a UFO.

He saw flashing lights in a circular shape that seemed to be coming down to the ground, then it went up straight at a speed no aircraft could attain. It looked quite big and had red and green lights.

He called out, and his sister, Mrs Janet Owens, who lived next door, also saw the object. The sighting was reported by Randall Jones-Pugh.

Source: South Wales Evening Post 10 January 1980.