Case ID #866
Title 23 MARCH 2001 - PONTYPRIDD
Tags Sighting UFO Lights 
Date Friday, 23rd of March 2001

Approximately 7.30 PM.

Michael Hopkins:

"After having been visited by our nephew, RJ, my wife and I were seeing him to the door, when upon opening, my nephew exclaimed, 'What is that?' The open view from my front door in Graigwen, includes the Eglwysilan and Meio mountain ranges. Stepping outside, we observed an orange light travelling down the Eglwysilan mountain, at a leisurely speed and momentarily stopping over the Mynydd Meio range at Upper Boat, then a second or two later instantly shot off in a south-westerly direction at great speed. The object on that trajectory would have passed near the northern slopes of the Garth Mountain. The night was clear and calm with no noticeable breeze."

Source: Michael Hopkins.

Location on map shows where the object stopped at.

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