Case ID #861
Title 30 MAY 1995 - PONTYPRIDD
Tags Sighting UFO Orb 
Date Tuesday, 30th of May 1995

11.15 PM.

Michael Hopkins:

'Going outside to check on the sky, as I do most nights [Park Prospect, Graigwen]. I was scanning the night sky, when suddenly, to my right, approx South-West, I observed a deep blue spherical object heading vertically towards the ground leaving a bright yellow/white tail behind it. It appeared so large, vivid and close that I waited in anticipation for an explosion - but no untoward sound occurred. Due to the time of this observation, the night is naturally very quiet in this area. It was a clear starry sky and the sighting lasted approx 4 seconds.'

Source: Michael Hopkins 2018.

Location on map is approximate location of object.

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