Case ID #833
Title 11 MAY 2019 - PORT TALBOT
Tags Sighting UFO 
Date Saturday, 11th of May 2019

About 12.45 PM. Fine day, broken cloud.

Mr Lazenby was just to the north of Port Talbot in the hilly area typical of the locality. He was taking video of a light aircraft flying overhead with a Lieca Hi Def triple lens. He accidentally caught something else flying over at high speed. He sent the video to his father, who then passed it on to SUFON. He sent a couple of stills with the video and had ringed the object in question on the photo. The object seems to be a round white object, visible against the blue sky. On the video, at 0.52 another object was seen moving fast across the screen.

More details to follow.

Source: SUFON Files.

Location on map is approximate until better information is received.

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