Case ID #405
Title 2 APRIL 2017 - SWANSEA BAY
Tags Sighting UFO 
Date Sunday, 2nd of April 2017

Just after 2 AM.
Richard Woodfield, Georgia Thomas and Tilana McIntosh were on Swansea beach at Singleton, around a camp fire. They were just about to head home when Georgia spotted a solid dark object in the sky to the south-east, over the sea, at an elevation of about 30 degrees. It made no sound, was motionless and had no lights. It was fairly hard to make out, but it was possible to make it out against the darker sky behind it. It was impossible to gauge the distance of the object, but it was higher than the clouds and the size of possibly two thumbnails at arm's length. Shaped almost like a rectangle but with round edges, the object had a deep dark grey colour. Tilana tried to take a photo on her phone but for some reason the whole screen was white. They could not confirm that it was a phone fault or not. A cloud passed in front the object and around two minutes later, when the cloud had moved away, the object was no longer visible.
Richard said: 'When we noticed it, it was there for about 30 seconds tops before the clouds moved in the way, but it could have been there all evening.'
Thanks to Richard for the graphic attached.

No photo description available.

Source: SUFON Files: Richard Woodfield via Facebook 3 May 2017.

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