Case ID #298
Tags Sighting UFO Saucer 
Date Wednesday, 7th of February 2007


Mid-morning. Overcast.

A disc was photographed over Gorseinon. The photographer didn’t notice anything at the time, but only saw it when uploading the image onto a computer. The photo was emailed to the MOD.

The photographer, Luke Dakin, got in touch with SUFON with further information:

“It’s facing south-east from the upper Kingsbridge area, looking towards Highfields/Kingsbridge. I took it with my new camera in early 2009 from my parents’ back garden after a dusting of snow. It was in the middle of a panoramic stitch (before the days of automatic stitching with camera/phones) so have a before and after shot too. Sounds like a cliché but I only noticed on the computer screen after I uploaded it. I checked the original file on the LCD screen on the back of the camera to make sure it wasn’t a software glitch on the computer and it was the same. I sent it in to one of the newspapers and they said it looked like a bird! MOD couldn’t explain it (the object has a red underbelly) and didn’t hear anything until a few years later after the files were de-classified.”

The photo here has been altered from the original and is in black and white. Luke will be providing SUFON with a copy of the original soon.

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