Case ID #297
Location SWANSEA
Tags Sighting Lights Orb 
Date Friday, 27th of February 2009


On a Friday night in February (but could be March) between 7 and 9.30 PM. On duty uniformed police officer ‘D’ was on foot patrol near Swansea Museum, at the end of York Street, on the central reservation of Victoria Road. Looking north-east, he observed a lot of Chinese lanterns drifting in a south-westerly direction, and one object, a red ball, slightly above them, moving in the opposite direction, at a gently pace.

Just then on his radio, he heard another police officer, an acting sergeant, who was on front patrol on North Hill, to the north of the city centre, asking him if he could see “a red ball.”

There was no sound heard. The object continued in a north-easterly direction in a straight line, faster than walking pace until it was out of sight.

Source: SUFON Files. ‘D’ interviewed b y Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 12 May 2015.

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